Monday, February 23, 2015


It is our dear 32nd President of the United Sates, Franklin D. Roosevelt, that stated in his inaugural address to the nation in 1933: "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself". He is seemingly insinuating that not only is fear a creation of our own mind, but also that fear itself cannot affect us unless we let it. To even allow fear to exist in our lives allows it to flourish and exist in our body and mind: so we must delete it and be rid of it. But how? How can we delete fear from our body and mind? How can we delete it from our entire existence? The mere fact that we are even reading this article means we acknowledge the existence of fear. And the mere fact that I even chose to write this article means that I, too, am acknowledging its existence. So, eradicating it forever is truly easier said than done. But it is possible. Everything is possible. But, where do we start?

Step 1 - Acknowledging The Power of Fear
In order to destroy something, we have to first acknowledge its existence. Then, the hard part: we have to be willing to admit that this "thing called fear" does at times dominate us; we have to admit that, yes. The presence of fear in our lives is what prevents us from leaving an outdated or destructive relationship. The presence of fear in our lives is what prevents us from finding a newer, happier job, and quitting the one that makes us unhappy. The presence of fear in our lives is what prevents us from turning our passions and hobbies into life-long dream careers.

The presence of fear in our lives is what prevents us from telling that person you love them. And on the flip side, the presence of fear in our lives is what prevents us from leaving behind lifestyles that we once loved that is now no longer serving us: tough stuff. But once we acknowledge the pestilence, only then can we destroy it. Once we identify the germ, only then can we see it, study it, and create an antidote to eradicate it from the troubled body. We can only dominate what we have submitted to. By submitting to that fear with awareness and understanding, only then can we use our awareness and understanding to eventually turn the tables, stand up and rise to the occasion in preparation to destroy fear forever.

Step 2 - The Outer-Body Experience
We are truly ready to destroy our fears forever. And as we prepare to do this, we have to be willing to leave our old fearful body behind, and recreate our body without the idea of fear and only with the idea of supreme love, forever. How do we do such a thing? We have to be willing to step away from all of our own understandings of things. We have to be willing to step away from all preconceived notions,thoughts, perceptions, habits, conditions, and the understood reality of pretty much everything. Fear only exists because it has been taught to us. And, we have accepted fear and placed it as a subtle priority in all that we do: from walking on the street, to relationships, to chasing dreams, to what we eat, to who we should trust. Fear is pretty much preemptively involved in all of our thinking and in all of our actions. It is embedded in the subtle memory database of our body and mind. But in order to delete it completely and fully, we have to first acknowledge it and find it, then step away from it and outside of it. We have to step outside of our own body and mind with awareness and understanding. We have to go outside of our conscious mind and observe this fear as a small little irrelevant thing: a simple word that only has power because we have given it power. And once we see that power we have given it, in that moment we can take back that power. In the moment of recognizing that our body and mind possesses fear, we can snatch back that power and relegate fear to mere letters on a page that can be deleted by simply pushing the 'backspace' or 'delete' button. Just as we type on the keyboard and we make a spelling error, we can go back and correct it or delete it completely. Like on the computer or mobile device, we can also correct and delete things from our own mind and body. And once the mind and body has been corrected from a fearful timid nature to an immortal one full of love and empowerment, that same body and mind can all be re-created without that silly little F-word.

Step 3 - The Plan of Action
Share this article, and then pretend you never read it. Because to even acknowledge the existence of this article is to acknowledge the existence of fear. 

Just live in love, forever.

So long, sucker.

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