Friday, March 27, 2015


From the Instagram of Valentina Zelyaeva

Models, CEOs, Actors, Tech-junkies, Artists, Designers, Yogis, the super wealthy, the super poor, and pretty much everyone you could possibly think of is drinking green juice these days. There is such a buzz and craze around the power of green juice. Yes, it smells like the backyard or the farm you grew up around. Yes, it tastes like that moment right after the lawnmower cuts your grass: yes, like grass. It's bitter. It's somewhat nauseating. But dammit, it's really good for you when you have it in moderation; and of course when you get used to the taste of it. Green juice is very popular around the healthy living, wellness, and yoga communities alike. These "health nuts" have always known of the power of incorporating these powerful elixirs into the diet. Everyone from supermodels Gigi Hadid,  Valentina Zelyaeva, and Karolina Kurkova, to Gwyneth Paltrow, to Hip-Hop musicians the Roots, the RZA, to Colin Farrell and Jake Gyllenhaal, celebrity yoga instructors, and so many others are heavy into the healthy living and green juice lifestyle: myself and my girlfriend included.

So What's the big deal? Here are three reasons why people are so into this magical green potion:

1. Cellular Repair aka Eternal Youth
No more brittle bones, or easy bruising. No more poor blood circulation. Green juice revitalizes many ailments at a cellular level. The insanely high levels of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber and Protein (yes, protein) makes for green juice just as powerful as most medicines. Green juices keeps the skin healthy, tight, and vibrant. It keeps the nails and hair strong. It purifies the vital organs of all stagnant energy and disorderly functionalities: thereby allowing the body to stay in balance, and to repair itself naturally. Believe it or not, our bodies were designed to repair themselves. Simply said: green juice makes you fuckin' beautiful, baby! 

2. Higher Energy Levels
Once the body has purified itself and repaired any sort of damaged cells with the help of green juice, it can begin to produce more energy for our everyday tasks, projects, and creative activities. When the body is functioning at full capacity, we require less sleep than normal. We no longer suffer from narcoleptic behaviors. We no longer feel drained after long days at work. And most importantly of all, we have more sexual energy: can you say, orgasm. (hoo-rah). 

3. Sex Appeal Turn-up
I know. I know. How the hell does a bitter, grassy juice turn up your sex appeal? The models, actors and other beautiful people of the world may be reluctant to admit it, but when the body feels great, we tend to feel great about ourselves. When our internal organs and functionalities are operating correctly, we feel good about ourselves on every level. Our confidence and self-esteem rises up to highest levels possible. When our body feels good, we believe in our power, our influence, and especially our looks: yes looks. When the cells in the body are fully repaired, beauty and sex appeal naturally exudes from our being. I mean, hey: sexy and healthy inside, is sexy and healthy outside. 

So. About that green juice...

Ready for a cup?
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