Tuesday, September 8, 2015


by Dominick H.

So you want to be a Clean Foodie? Healthy bodies are built from the inside out. That means mindful meals, fueling your body with whole foods, and oh yeah, eating less.

Photo by @projectcleanfood
Your body functions just perfectly, and even more efficiently, on less food. By eating smaller portions, you allow the body the adequate rest it requires between each meal to perform its digestive functions correctly.

Big portion sized meals can make the body feel lethargic and heavy (this holds especially true if there is no exercise taking place in your life). An ideal diet is filled with fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, with a bit of some of your favorite happy foods*

Want radiant health? Want to wake up every day with abundant amounts of energy and life force flowing through ever pore of your body? Remember: Less is always more.  

Consider yourself initiated and recruited into the blissful lifestyle of a clean foodie. You will be pleasantly rewarded!

*and by the way, happy foods are those foods that make you feel great, regardless of what it is (like...ah...chocolate!)

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