Tuesday, September 15, 2015


By: Dominick H. 


The above picture probably represents most of us: tempted by that sweet fragrance and rapture of bread. Many of us have bread at every meal. Croissants, toast, bagels, muffins, pancakes, or some other bread related-food at breakfast. Sandwich bread, a hot meal or salad with a side of bread, or doughy pizza for lunch. And as for dinner, more of the same: bread all around the dinner table. Is there anything inherently wrong with bread? Of course not. It is a staple that has been in and around most family meals since, like, forever. When you go to most restaurants, they bring you bread before your meal even arrives. Think of it: bread and olive oil, bread and butter, or bread for the sake of bread. It's a ritual ingrained in us all. And, it's fattening us up.

What if I told you that cutting out bread could give you some amazing health benefits and enhance your entire life? Like a trimmer waistline. Or leaner thighs. Or more energy. Or a more curvaceous butt. Or smoother skin. Or a brighter smile? Are you in? Are you ready to cut out bread for a week?

Well, if you've made it this far, you are at the very least intrigued by the idea of a "bread-less" week. Call it a fast. Call it a diet. Call it a gluten-free cleanse. Call it whatever you like. One thing is for sure: people that eat less bread feel great every day and are more confident with their physique and within their own skin. Bread sometimes can make us feel tired and bloated and sluggish: especially when we consume a lot of it. One of reasons for this feeling is that bread is hard for the body to digest. It not only complicates the digestion process, but it also makes us feel less inspired to get out of bed. We deserve to feel good every day: whether it's for work, or for exercise, or for our partner, or for the amazing ability to enjoy life at every possible level. We need that energy that bread at times takes away. I can only suspect that you are in for the challenge now.

Here are some meal replacement ideas for your week. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (and snacks). I gotcha covered:

A Bread-Less Breakfast by @projectcleanfood

Instead of muffins, doughnuts, bagels, croissants, or other baked goods, think fruits. Think maybe a light low-fat plain yogurt with that fruit. Or a steel-cut oatmeal with that fruit. Another great breakfast staple comes in the form of eggs (hard-boiled or scrambled).  Or maybe even a smoothie or juice. Whatever it is this week, keep it light and make sure it's anchored in protein.

Lunch served by @choptsalad
If you are a heavy lunch eater, have your rice and meat, or vegetables, or whatever other staples you love as per usual: EXCEPT bread. I know its tough for all you sandwich eaters out there: or for you pizza lovers. Or even for those that are just used to having bread with every meal because it's available. But try. Try a little harder this week to do without it. Think salads or soups. And instead of chips or brownies or cookies (which are bread-like foods), think pure dark chocolate. Besides, we are only trying it for a week. Right?

An Italian meal
(without the bread) by @projectcleanfood
Oh dear. How we love bread around a dinner table. When I order Indian food, it seems almost pointless to have my favorite curried dish without bread. But would I stop ordering Indian? Of course not. I love me some curry. I could do without bread for a week (max). When I was in Italy, every meal had bread: and lots of it. And I came back to NYC nice and fluffy (thank goodness for yoga). Needless to say, cutting bread out in some cases feels impossible. But for this week alone, I'm going to ask you to change the way you think about bread. Instead of eating obscene amounts of bread because it tastes good and feels good, try cutting bread out of the dinner menu because it puffs up your stomach in the long run. Or because it puts those notorious dent marks in our butt, hips and thighs called cellulite. Think salads (yes salad for dinner). Think high protein meals without the fluff: vegetables, meats or seafood, and very little rice (or none at all). Think soups, or a small stir-fry. Just no bread.

It's so comforting to eat bread. Yes, I know. But make your week happen without bread. Better skin. Better digestion. Better butt. Better health. Better everything.

Yes, your hips and thighs will thank you.

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