Sunday, September 20, 2015

Superfood Sunday | IT'S BLUEBERRY SEASON

By Dominick H.

Superfood Sunday is a weekly series where project: CLEAN FOOD features the absolute best foods to nourish – and naturally heal – your body.  To help you start each week right, we reveal the one must-have food to add to your diet. Enjoy, and share your inspiration with us by tagging #projectCLEANFOOD on Instagram. 

Blueberries are one of the most powerful known superfoods on the planet. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, antitoxins and tons of other nutrients (like phytonutrients). These powerful little super berries are filled with Vitamin K (high dose), manganese (high dose), fiber, Vitamin C (high dose), B vitamins, Zinc, phosphorous, potassium, trace amounts of protein and many other healthy acids and chemicals that are essential for the natural functioning of the body.  Sounds great right? Oh, but there's so much more.

Photo by @todaysfavoritesblog
The Benefits
On a healing level, blueberries have been known to treat cancer in various forms and heart disease. That said, these berries have a vast amount of cardiovascular benefits, in that they enhance blood flow by keeping the vessels clear and strong. Blueberries have also been known to enhance various cognitive functions (brain activity). They have the potential to expand the way the brain functions on all levels–allowing the brain to vibrate more creatively and uniquely. 

And, because of all these amazing benefits, stress reduction is a natural side effect. Stress and anxiety is the leading root and cause of most illnesses and diseases; so a bit of blueberries in the diet can only benefit the body greatly!

Photo by @chocolatcoveredkatie
How to Eat Them
You can have blueberries fresh out of the container or you can include them in an array of meal options. Some people incorporate them in their pancakes and waffles. Some people mix blueberries into desserts and treats of the sort. And of course, you can also throw some blueberries into your smoothies and juices for quick and easy consumption.

Your Superfood Sunday Challenge
Your goal this week? Get some blueberries into your diet! Start out simply by consuming one container.You can eat a handful every day, and in a short time you will begin to feel great and reap all of the above benefits. A small start can go a very long way! And it's your health we are dealing with here.
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