Monday, July 13, 2015


So. Many of us have known for years, but "secretly ignored the warnings." But now, the data is out and becoming more evident than ever before. The sad truth is that the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has issued a heightened warning about the deadly side effects of over-the-counter pain medication (CBS ArticleFDA article). Many of us have these OTC meds in our cabinets at home. Many of us live and breathe by these pain meds. We have even been told by our parents, grand-parents and doctors that an aspirin a day can keep you healthy and vibrant. But what if, just maybe, after all these years, we have been slowly destroying the functionality of our vital organs? What if these pain meds have been slowly decreasing our immune system strength, destroying our nervous system, giving us insane amount of anxiety, and ruining our chances at living a long and vibrant life? Fuck. Sucks, right? I'm sure the healthcare industry never intended for us to have a bad experience with their approved medications. But, what they didn't tell us is that many of these FDA approved meds have an addictive quality to them. And as a result, many of us rely on them and make them a part and parcel of our daily routines: wake up, workout, have breakfast, pop a pill or two or three, then start the day. But luckily for you, this is where project: Clean Food comes in.

In this world, you can do whatever the heck you want to do so long as it uplifts, empowers, and brings vitality to your entire life. But what if you think you've been doing it the whole time while taking these meds? How do you switch your life overnight? How do you change your entire lifestyle to adapt without the use of meds? Some can do it overnight and without even a hesitation. Some may require a gradual, more slower pace to make that transition away from OTC pain meds, to more organic pain relievers. But don't you worry. You are in good hands. The sensation of Pain is the body's way of letting us know that something in another part of the body is not functioning correctly. So we dug up four organic, natural ways to alleviate and rid the body of pain, no matter how big or small. Because we need to get to the bottom of this sitch. Agreed? 


1. Bring On The Heat
Yea, that's our favorite hollywood mess Lady Gaga there, practicing her Bikram hot yoga. But whether it's hot yoga or the steam room, we all would do a lot better with a little heat treatment. When the heat is on, our body begins to flush out all sorts of toxins, impurities, and bacteria that prevent it from functioning at full capacity. Some people need the hot box all the time, and some people need it only once in a blue (like me). As for me personally, I do love a little hot yoga. But, I'm sure a weekly dose of the steam room for anyone will keep that pain potential out of the body and the vital organs functioning at that full 100.

2. Embrace Nature
I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but many of the meds that we use each and everyday are originally inspired by the benefits of natural herbs and plant life everywhere. So why not just take to nature more often. Whether you are going to drink more herbal teas, spend more time at the beach, trek through the jungle, or simply go for a light nature walk, it is super important to make time for this as often as possible. At the very least, you should be getting some sun. Besides, time with nature helps to keep us calm, balanced, and not so wound up (Big shout out to all my tense and anxious people out there). 

3. Laugh. Show Some Teeth
Those who laugh often, have a healthier life: period. I'm sure there is some data out there from some Ivy League Research Center that lists the unlimited health benefits of laughter.  We all feel great when we laugh. We all feel uplifted, inspired, and joyful when we laugh. So laugh at the world. Laugh with your friends. Laugh at yourself, and how darn serious you can be sometimes. Just laugh your little heart away. One of the reasons we experience pain in our bodies is that we are constantly focused on it. And, what we focus on comes more to life. What we put our attention towards becomes more prominent and vibrant in our life. So if you focus on pain, you'll get pain. If you focus on laughter, eventually you'll realize that crack is whack. 

4. Yup. Meditation 
In order to beat pain, you have to rise above it. In order to beat anxiety and nervousness, you have to steady your mind and attempt to bring your body into that supreme plane of unlimited consciousness where neither pain nor suffering nor hatred exists. You have to bring your mind to that state of steadiness through a practice that allows you to experience a sense of oneness and heightened awareness to all things in and around you. It is a place where that so called pain ceases to exists.  Basically said, chill the fuck out and stop acting like an asshole. It's not all about you. When we focus so much on ourselves, we disconnect from the great world around us: and the people around us. Meditate, pray, do the rosary, recite mantra, burn incense, or dance naked in the mirror and pretend you're Rihanna. Whatever it is, do something that allows you to calm your body and mind while connecting to that great consciousness pervading the entire atmosphere. Choose meditation, not pain.

Yea, fuck pain.
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