Monday, June 29, 2015


Judging? Who's judging? You can eat whatever you want at the beach. You can drink and enjoy anything you want at the beach. Just keep in mind that some things will make you look like a fatty. Some things make you look like a health nut and work-out junky. Some things make you look silly. Some things make you look desirable. Some things will make you look like you just don't give a damn. Yes, such is life: it is what it is. But, what if you want to maintain that sexy? What if you've worked out, exercised, toned up, and lost all this wonderful amount of weight that you are now ready to show off at the beach? What if you are ready to show of that über sick body of yours in that new bikini, or in those new trunks (never speedos boys. Well, if you're from Europe, I guess it's ok). 

You have be willing to not only look the part in your body, but also in your whole presentation. You don't want be caught looking good and feeling good, all while stuffing your face with a greasy burger, mayo and ketchup everywhere and food stains on your swimwear: weirdo. That burger may taste amazing, but it may also look like you only worked out, toned-up and got fit to look good on the beach for this summer, only to let it all go by September. That better not be you. Whether you have the hottest body in the world or not, its important to look and feel like you are trying to be sexy in your own right. More importantly, you should look like you are trying or aspiring to be and live healthy both in body and mind. Feeling sexy and feeling healthy go hand in hand.  So make sure you don't screw it up this summer by eating those unapproved foods that make you look like you don't care about your body and your health. So here are four project: CLEAN FOOD approved foods that are allowed at the beach this summer. And nothing else.

1. Salad Bowl 
Keep it light. A little fruit or a little leafy green salad with some of your favorite fixings will always do the trick. It won't make you feel heavy. And, it will hold you over till dinner. Besides, when you're focused on tanning, you don't need much more than this. Right? Get your vitamins and minerals. Keep your tummy flat and free from bloating. Think about it like this: chewing lightly, not fishing for napkins to wipe up your mini-spills, and appearing to the world that you actually care about taking care of that beautiful body of yours. And all while nodding your head to the sweet sounds of your music. Um. Ya. That moment. 

2. Drink Your Drinks With a Straw
Nothing wrong with drinking without a straw. But I mean, that straw. You can play with it a little, nibble on it all while enjoy your conversation with friends and keeping that sweet stream of your favorite drink flowing into you. Whether it's a green juice, a smoothie, a little soda, some cold water, or your favorite alcoholic beverage, you'll always look good drinking it with a straw on the beach. Shades on, flirty, classy, and neat. I mean lets be honest: big gulps, big belches, slurping. Um. No. None of that please. Thanks.

3. Cool Creams
I love me some ice cream on the beach. And even if you're not a ice cream lover, try a gelato or a frozen yogurt. We all know that too much of anything is not necessarily good for you. But every once in a while, a little cold sweet treat like ice cream is not so bad. Yea, yea, yea. Ice cream can get a little messy. But it's summer. I think people would rather see you eating a messy, drippy ice cream than a messy, drippy piece of meat or a sandwich that's falling apart at every bite. C'mon, don't be sloppy. There are lots of healthy ice creams, frozen yogurts and gelato out there if you prefer something healthy. If not, have your pick. Take a little walk over to the nearest ice cream truck or to the boardwalk to the nearest cafe to get a frozen treat (modeling off your tight little booty or those rock hard abs, or walking high with whatever you got: I mean, let's be honest, seriously). Nibble, lick, eat, and enjoy. But not too much though, ok? Too much could give you that little kangaroo pouch that you've been trying so hard to avoid. Just remember, you have to look hot and healthy at night too in the summer. Yea.

4. Fruity Veggie Nibbles
Self-explanatory. Eating little fruity or green nibbles are always good for the figure. Strawberries, bananas, celery, carrots, apples, pineapple, melon, figs, dates, avocado, a little hummus, etc. All these foods do a body good. Not only do they keep the figure healthy and toned, but it's pretty hot to people watch all those little hotties out there eat light and keep up their sexy, healthy lifestyle. Besides, the eaters of fruits and veggies will never screw up their beach body. Yea, baby.

So, there it is. The moral of the story. Eat light. Keep it neat. Keep it sexy. Keep it healthy. And even if your body is not the super model type, good eating will give you the confidence to walk on to any beach in the world and feel sexy as hell. I mean, lets be honest: Healthy is sexy. Heathy is happiness. Healthy is beautiful. Healthy is amazing. Whether you're with your family, with your friends, with your lover, or with your very own confident strong self, eat in a way that represents how you want to look and feel. Greasy and fatty foods means a greasy and fatty life. Healthy, vital, and light foods means a healthy, vital and light life. 

Yup. That's how we do. So, get on board.

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