Monday, July 20, 2015


I don't know about you all, but when it heats up like this during the summer like it is today here in New York City--currently 92F and feeling like 102F with humidity--I just want to bask in the A/C. But of course, we must eventually return to that oh so illustrious heat (Why? Oh, dear, Why?). No matter how much we shower and cool off, we immediately start sweating again. Deodorant melted away, intimate areas sweaty, and for some of us, puffy eyes, swelling skin and poofy untamed hair. Dammit. What to do? Well believe it or not, what we eat affects our body's reaction, interaction and the ability to assimilate into any environment. Some foods will be revitalizing for us while we are in the heat, and other foods will just make us want to scream at someone that's annoying us on a hot balmy day. Yea, it's true.

Have you been eating the right foods this summer? More importantly, have you been eating the right fruits this summer? It's great to eat fruits during the summer for nutritional value. However, there are certain fruits that having a cooling vibe and energy about them: you believe that? Some fruits are simply designed to promote our body's ability to remain cool, calm and collected during these humid months. So, we decided to create a short list of those fruits. These 4 fruits are so important for maintaining a sense of lightness and coolness this summer. And needless to say, it will keep your body fit. Who doesn't want that? 

And with that, here we go:

1. Grapefruit
These tart and tangy power fruits are not only filled with vitamin-C, but they are amazing at promoting cardiovascular health. And what's that mean? Well, it keeps your heart muscles functioning correctly, and your blood flowing strongly as the temperature rises. So in those moments when you're acting like a bitch or an asshole, just remember: "Ah, Yes. It's time for a grapefruit."

2. Blackberries
When the humidity rises, our bodies have the tendency to slow down. And when our bodies slow down, our immune system does not prove to be as strong: hence the reason why we experience summer time allergies, colds, and mood swings. These little super berries are filled with many vitamins, including vitamin-C and, believe or not, protein. If we opt to get small doses of protein from blackberries instead of your average piece of meat, our bodies will be a lot stronger and more vital in the summer. So eat them. Besides, they're good for digestion too. And you know what that means. More poop and a flatter stomach. Awesome, right?

3. Peaches
I've been eating so many peaches this summer. And we haven't even really come to full on peach season just yet. But the ones that have been coming down so far are so delicious. They are super low in calories (39g for all you calorie counters our there). They have all the vitamins you could want: C, A, Z, K, blah, blah blah. It also has a good dose of Iron as well. When we are low in Iron, it's hard for us to function well. Low iron people are subject to mood swings, especially when it's hot out. So if this is you, I suggest you eat a peach and chill out.  

4. Mangoes
Just buy one, tear it up, and get your hands messy, I say. But of course, if that is too much work for you, get into your local grocer and pick up some pre-sliced mangoes. Lots of vitamins as per the usual. Lots of Digestive Enzymes (hint, hint). Also, even in the most brutal heat waves, mangoes always have this sort of cooling touch and taste to them. They are very good at regulating the body temperature. It's high dose of vitamin-E is very good for keeping the hair, skin and nails healthy. And we all know that our skin tends to act up, especially during the summer months. On another note, there is a silly little rumor among ancient beliefs that these mystical fruits may act as an aphrodisiac. I mean, who doesn't want to turn off the A/C and get naked this summer.

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