Thursday, April 16, 2015


Natural Medicine. Yes. A natural to heal yourself. Imagine? Does it exist? Is it a farce? Or is it simply something we have forgotten about? There are so many medicines, pharmacies, doctor's offices, hospitals, and insurance companies out there in this wonderful world that have contributed to our "forgetting" that there are natural ways of healing and curing ourselves from various ailments, illnesses, and diseases. That is not to say that anything is wrong with the healthcare industry. Many of us need our headache medicines, vitamin supplements, sleeping pills, sinus pills, and many other forms of medicines to heal our bodies. Without the studies and practices of ancient healing doctors like Imhotep and Hippocrates, the western medical industry as we know it would not exist. 

All that being said, much of our world is invested in the healthcare industry: so much that it overshadows the ever-present and immortal power of natural healing. So yes, natural medicine and natural healing does still exist! Many of the doctor prescribed medicines and OTC meds that we buy at the pharmacy has come to fruition because of many herbal and natural medicines that have been evolved over the course of time. So does this mean that we are now to become herbal healers? No. Does this mean that we are now to study pages upon pages of books on the science of natural healing? Or Ancient Chinese Medicine? Or with the teachers of Asia, Africa, or the Caribbean? No. But, there are small things we can do in our everyday modern lives to incorporate small bits of that natural healing sort'a lifestyle. Yes, there are some things we can all do to help us live a more natural, healthy life: and without out all the overwhelming cache of pills and syrups. 

What are those things ?


I know. It's sounds so simple and easy its ridiculous, right? Many of us don't get enough of it. Whether you live in a warmer climate or a colder one (or in a fluctuating seasonal climate), we all need to spend more time embracing the beautiful radiance of the sunshine. Whether it's blustering cold out, or super hot out, a little sun can heal us of many ailments. The sun allows our bodies to make, YES MAKE, Vitamin-D and Vitamin-A naturally. Both are essential for digestion, energy, heart health, and many other things. 


I know. Another simple one. And I'm not talking about running to and from your car. I'm not talking about running to and from the train or bus station. I'm talking about taking a minute and chillin' the fuck out. Sit on the bench. Sit in the park. Sit by the lake or the river or by the beach. Take a nice, meditative evening stroll. Give yourself a minute to embrace the beautiful air around you. Many ancient peoples across cultures and backgrounds (from mountain medicine men of India to the Ancient Maya of Guatemala) believe that the air circulating around us has healing magical powers when embraced to perfection. So, take a deep breath.


Still eating that greasy, fatty, shitty food? Still drinking all that alcohol? Or smoking all those cigarettes? No judgement. Just make sure you're not complaining about your energy levels or the health of your body if you partake in the above behaviors. The poor quality food or the overconsumption of alcohol or cigarettes have always been associated with poor and dilapidating health. Granted, there are people out there that do these things that feel great everyday about life: both mentally and physically. But it is an extremely rare case. We ought to be eating foods that uplift our energy patterns. We ought to be eating foods that promote powerful and healthy digestion. We ought to be drinking liquids that help us with our weight management. Overall, we ought to be consuming things that promote radiant and vibrant  health across the board: from the eyes, to the vital organs, to the soles of our feet, to our head and our heart. Fruits, vegetables, water, mild, easy to digest foods. Vegan or vegetarian or meat-eater? That's your choice. Just make sure you feel amazing everyday when you do eat and drink what you choose to eat and drink.

Yup. That's the first step to natural healing: Sunshine, Fresh-air, Healthy Foods. That's it. Simple. Easy. Stress-free. 

Yes, we all "know it", but are we actually doing it? Are we actually making the time to do these things? Are we making the time to take care of ourselves? Are we making the time to heal ourselves naturally? 

This is how the ancients did it. That's how I do it. And you can too.

Start today. Start now.
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