Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Yup. Can you believe it? 2014 is coming to a close, and 2015 is just moments away. Where did it go? What did I do? Who did I become? What will I do? Where will I go? Who will I become? Yes. Lots of questions, with some answers: and some with no answers. There is a lot that is known, and there is much more that is unknown. That's the best part right? We know so much, yet there is so much more to find out. A new year is the greatest symbol in our lives to embrace new beginnings from all aspects of our lives with open arms. And even if there are things currently in our lives that are preventing us from embracing that newness with open arms, 2015 is about breaking free from the struggles and obstacles and pains of the past that are preventing us from moving forward.  Once we break free we can have better relationships, better experiences, better health, more money, more success, more fame, more wealth, more honesty, more truth, more celebrations, more love, more happiness. Once we break free, let go and move forward fearlessly into the new year of 2015, we can have, be, do and express anything that we want. Once we break free of what people think and what society thinks, we can truly live as liberated souls unleashing our talents, skills, and life mastery each and every day. Pretty fuckin' cool right? 

But How?
How can we celebrate our lives more and more in every possible way? How can we let go? How can we step forward more fearlessly each and every day? How, dammit, HOW?

Here are three ways. They are easy. And, they are super hard. Actually they are pretty dam hard to do. But if you do them and practice them day in and day out, you can master them. You can do them with ease. And if you do them and master them, you may literally take over the world: you may master all the energies in your body and in your mind. But again, they're pretty darn hard. So if you're not down for a challenge, give up now and leave this page. It's not for pipsqueaks. Otherwise, get ready to leave behind the old and step forward with grace today. 

1. Practice What You're Not Good At (Because Mistakes Are Essential)

Don't know how to love someone? Practice. Don't know how to forgive someone? Practice. Don't know how to sing? Practice. Don't know how to write? Practice. Don't know how to paint? Practice. Don't know how to be yourself? Practice. Don't know how to eat healthy? Practice. Don't know how to start a business? Practice. Don't know how to be in a relationship? Practice. Don't think you're good in bed? Practice. Don't know how to read? Practice. Don't know how to work hard? Practice. Don't know how to have fun? Practice. Don't know how to make new friends? Practice. Don't know how to control your emotions? Practice. Don't know anything? Practice knowing everything. You know everything? Practice knowing nothing. Whatever it is you wish to do, be, experience, or know, you must practice. Practice, practice, practice. Eventually everything will come. Eventually everything will be mastered. Wanna break free and let go? Practice. 

2. Be Willing To Experience Fear
In order to conquer fear, we must be willing to come face to face with fear itself. If we are afraid of something or someone, we must face it. We must be willing to see what happens in that moment when fear is faced with an open heart, an open mind, and an open eye. If we are afraid of dogs, come face to face with a dog. What will happen if it bites you? Or, will it bite you? Or will it sense your vibration of fearlessness and back down? When we face our fears, we come to the truth and reality of what fears are based upon. Usually fears are based upon preconceived notions or incorrect thinking or false perceptions of ourselves. "I suck at drawing". "These people are holding me back". "I'm not destined to make lots of money". "I'm not smart enough to do _____ career". Whatever. Fuck all that old, jacked-up thinking. Whatever you tell yourself, it becomes true. So, what will you tell yourself for 2015? What will you believe about yourself for 2015? What will you come face to face with for 2015? Because in all actuality, there is no such thing as fear: it is something that we create in our own mind. It is a figment of our imagination. Yup. It's fake. It was a word designed to hold you back. So, are you ready to delete it? 

3. Create What You Want To See
It is a phrase that is commonly used, but oftentimes not understood. How is it possible to create what we want to see? In order to create, we must think about what that creation looks like. We must create the experience of that creation coming to life at some level. And once we set our mind in motion to create something, we have to let our body and mind unite to actually do the creating. Creation requires about 10% thought and 90% intuition. It is not something you can make happen without letting your intuitive heart take over. The greatest of all artists the world has ever seen most times didn't know that they were creating a masterpiece or work of art until the work was actually complete. They usually set out to create something. However, that something came to life and manifested because they allowed themselves to work fearlessly, intuitively, and carefree like a child: regardless of internal or external noise happening in and around them. People in very long relationships--for example--came together because they wanted to, and the relationship flourished because they didn't try to make it work. The relationship worked because they allowed themselves to intuitively and fearlessly let the relationship work. Creation starts with a strong intention. And when we hold firmly to that intention, the intention then guides our body and mind to play out a series of circumstances, experiences, and actions in order to bring that creation into reality. It is basically allowing the spirit or soul or divine energy or genius in your body take over so creation can happen. We give up Ego mind and let the soul mind take over. So everything that happened this year, we created because of an intention we set out for ourselves. That being said, what intention will we set for 2015? What creations do we want for 2015? Allow yourself to find out. Allow yourself to experience the birth of a new you. Allow yourself.

Say it with me: I am Free. I am Fearless. I am.

Happy 2015.

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