Monday, November 24, 2014


Can you say, "Fuck Depression"? I knew you could. Some of you who are super upright, religious, or of high moral standard would never say such a thing. But let's be real: if there were ever a time you wanted to use a colorful expletive like fuck, it would be towards depression and stress. Sometimes we experience depression and stress in small doses. But sometimes those moments can be overwhelming, burdensome, woeful, and extremely terrifying. We turn to family, and they don't get us. We turn to friends and they "kinda get us", but not really. We turn to teachers and mentors, but sometimes their perception and understanding of our situation sounds like it comes from a cloud in heaven where white doves fly and trumpets sound: almost if they can't even relate. We read self-help books, and sometimes the advice there is good: really good. But then, our ability to sustain the tactics necessary to keep us strong, loving and blissful begin to wane and become mundane again. And that in turn puts us back to square one. And then what? WTF.

So how do we eliminate depression and sadness?
How do we say "buh-bye" to that heavy burden that tends to round our shoulders? Here are three simple ways to get rid of all that sadness forever:

Do you really like those friends? Do you really like those family members? Do you really enjoy that job? Do you really enjoy sex with him? And are you truly in love with her? Can you really afford that bag or that vacation?  Are you vegan or vegetarian because you want to, or because you want to fit in? It is imperative for us to have all the answers to questions like these. We cannot have any doubts about anything. We have to be strong, positive, and honest with ourselves about any and every person, place or thing within our lives. Yes. You gotta be real with yourself. And the more real you are with yourself, the more successful, the more love, and the more peace you will have in your life.

Eat good foods that enliven, rejuvenate, and purify your body. And while eating healthy, you have to exercise: not overly, but just enough. You shouldn't be killing yourself at the gym, at the yoga studio, or in spin class. Working out should be enjoyable: challenging, but fun. It should wear you out just enough to leave you craving for more. Your exercise patterns should be balanced. And if you are not exercising daily, you should start. Finally, make personal time for you to cultivate your hobbies: photography, reading, music, writing, dancing, the arts, whatever. Everyone should be making time to enjoy their personal space and their freedom. If you are in a relationship or you have kids, you especially need to craft out personal time every now and again. Whether it's with your spouse and kids or not is completely your choice. What is important is that you create time for you to feel amazing, beautiful, happy and carefree. Healthy body, healthy mind.

My Great-grandfather would always say to me, "You are the company that you keep." If you surround yourself around toxic, nasty, and disrespectful people, you become exactly like them: and sometimes without your awareness. If you surround yourself with positive, loving, compassionate, driven, happy and enlightened people, you become exactly like them. But let's be honest: some of us like hanging out and associating ourselves with trouble-makers and negative people because it's cool to hang with these people. And in fact, some of these people are cool. However, "cool people" does not alway mean that we are surrounded around people that will always bring out the best in us. We want to be around people that inspire us. We want to be around people that are more intelligent than we are. We want to be around people that challenge our philosophies and thought processes so that we are motivated to be better individuals each and every day.  We want to be around people that will always be honest with us no matter what. So we gotta keep good company. Or'll be a big bad lackadaisical fuck-up. Sorry. But's its true.

And that, my friends, is how you end sadness forever.

Be Real. Live Healthy. Keep Good Company.

Not so hard right?

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