Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the Best Practices of a Healthy Life | BECAUSE 2014 IS THE BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES

If you are going to make some resolutions for 2014, make sure that they are actually commitments and dedicated practices. Many a time, if we don't firmly commit and connect to our New Year's resolutions, they become fleeting ideas and vague philosophies that we vainly identify with. If we don't commit to practice of these resolutions, they become part of some egocentric story that we carry on so that we can talk about it in our social circles: merely for our own pleasure. And let's be honest, that's not cool. It's not honest. And, it's definitely not real. 

This year we want to bring more honesty and truth into our everyday lives. Let us start out by committing to the resolutions that we set out to practice so that we can become more amazing for our friends, our family and our surroundings. We have to commit to being the change and the enlightenment we wish to see in this world. We have to commit our entire mind and our body to being and embodying that practice and that commitment that we wish to attain. 

Let's start with committing to our best practices. And here are the best practices of 2014:

1. Cleaner, balanced, and healthier eating habits
Find some sort of eating regimen that works for you and stick to it! There are lots of diets and health programs that are out there. Some work, some don't, and some are just plain complicated. At the end of the day, you must choose what is best for you and your daily life. Eat to feel good everyday: and without fail.

2. Cut back on all vices and addictions
Because they drain you and because they attract the wrong sort of people in your life. Period.

3. Healthier, more positive people around you 
You have to be around people that bring out the best in you at all times. These are the people that challenge you and inspire you daily. These are the people that are smarter than you: more experienced than you. These are the people that are more successful, more innovative, and even more loving and compassionate than you are. Get clear about your surroundings.

4. Daily, balanced, and healthy exercise
Not only is it good for maintaining that beautiful body you've always wanted, but daily exercise also keeps your brain strong, powerful, and filled with lots of clarity. It's not always about pushing yourself to the edge, but its about challenging yourself in a way that is uplifting, healthy and honest.

5. Make more personal time (for creativity, hobbies, relaxation, for fun, etc)
You deserve to treat yourself to some fun, uplifting activities. Yes, you should definitely work hard. But you should also balance out the stress with honest, personal time for yourself.

6. More patience with everything and everyone (Try, dammit)
Um. Yea. Practice patience. Key word: practice. People are supposed to test our patience. However, it is our job to get stronger so that we can continually rise above the challenging circumstances of our lives. And practicing patience doesn't mean torturing yourself in dealing with a circumstance that you don't like. Your practice of patience itself has to be honest: honest practice, honest result. 

7. Love your enemies, just be sure to maintain some distance
To expend energy hating or disliking someone is a complete waste of time. Love them. Have compassion for them. But move on so that you can continue to grow and expand. The End.

8. Read/Watch more quality material
Read and watch from media sources that inspire you. These media outlets should challenge your thinking, or inspire creativity, or excite you about life, or simply bring you lots of joy. Everyday we are planting seeds for tomorrow's cultivation. Be mindful, practice awareness, and choose wisely when it comes to the media. After all, you become what you take in.

9. Be nicer, and more compassionate
Because you'll go a lot further: in business, in your love life, in your personal life: and especially in your own personal development. Everyday, we mature. 

10. Be better than yesterday
Every moment is an opportunity to learn more, grow more, and expand more. Challenge yourself daily, and with self-awareness. Be more open to experience. Be receptive.

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