Thursday, January 9, 2014


So let's state the obvious: the girl in the image above is beautiful (actually pretty damn hot). She can definitely be viewed as sexy and attractive. Some women may even think that they will never be able to look like her: and they are absolutely right. It is completely impossible to look exactly like the woman in the image above. She probably has a different genetic makeup from most women. She was probably born and raised in a different part of the world than most women. And, it is also very likely that she probably eats very different from most women.  She probably thinks about different things: and also probably does different things. And, all these things factor into her look and image. 

However, does she feel sexy? Does she know that she is beautiful? Does she even view herself as a sexually appealing person in this world? Because if she doesn't, none of our perceptions of her really matter. If she doesn't truly know that she is beautiful and sexy and attractive, she can't feel sexy. Without the feeling of that sex appeal, she can't truly know all the benefits that being and feeling sexy can offer her. The feeling of sexy must come from within her entire being. She must know it within her heart that she feels good and looks good. The external version of her must tie into her internal version. Otherwise, the external form that we view as beautiful and attractive will be equally sappy to the internal version of herself.

It is important that we all feel sexy in our hearts. I know it sounds cheesy and maybe even corny, but it's true. If we don't know of our own accord that we are smokin' hot, it is almost worthless to be beautiful to the world at large yet ugly to our own true self. But once we do feel sexy and beautiful and attractive internally, our entire state of mental and physical health increases a thousandfold. By feeling good internally, we can live a stress free life that will naturally add life to our years in this world. 

All that being said, here are three tips on how feeling that sex appeal can keep us healthy:

1. More confidence dealing with people
Let's face it: people really suck sometime. And because people have their own issues, they sometimes project those issues on us. Their negative vibration can really take a toll on our being. However, by knowing how beautiful, and sexy and amazing we are, their opinions will matter less to us. It is because of our own insecurities that their opinions and thoughts affect us. But by feeling that much better about ourselves internally, we not only feel better externally but we also are able to live a stress free and healthier life.

2. Less stress in our body
Stress is the leading cause of pain, suffering, and disease in our bodies. And one of the reasons we are always so stressed out is that we are always so worried about how we are viewed and interpreted by the world at large. By feeling and knowing in our hearts that we are beautiful on multiple levels, we don't let the world view stress us and wear on us. By being a beacon of that true inner beauty, everyone in the world naturally sees us as beautiful beings. When we are accepted and validated by our own true self deep within our heart, everything that the world says wonderful about us is just more icing on the cake.

3. We redefine sexy 
Back to the image at the top: it's just my opinion alone that deems the woman as beautiful and hot. I have chosen that image. As a creative being in this world, I share the divine power of choice. In this very moment, that is my definition of sexy. But, it doesn't have to be yours. And to be quite honest, it may not be what I think is sexy tomorrow. We all share that power to define sexy and beautiful and attractive. And once we feel that sex appeal inside of our heart, we become that supreme definition of sexy. Each of us views the world very different from another. And just as we can accept definitions about things, we can also create definitions for things. We can be the definition of sexy. We can be the living example of sexy. We can be the standard of sexy. In this way, we also shape the world. In this way, we become all that we wish to be. When we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to just be any way we wish to be, the true sexy is unveiled. And that true sexy we seek externally is really that version of ourselves in which we are truly happy with.

So, get out there and be sexy. And not for anyone else but you.

This is feeling healthy. This is feeling sexy.

This is longevity...

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