Thursday, December 12, 2013


Your parents probably told you how important it was to eat your fruits and vegetables. It is quite possible that someone also told you that carrots are good for your eyes: and that spinach gives you muscles. Many of these things we still hold firmly to this very day. Some of these things we discard as we get older for a gamut of different reasons. But when we do eat certain things, we do them with that very thought from the past in mind: deeply buried in our crazy little mind. The foods we eat are the direct result of our thoughts and experiences. We go to certain foods because it makes us feel good in the moment. This 'good feeling' is usually tied to some sort of memory as well. And that very memory is recorded in our brain because of an experience we once had with that food (positive or negative). Essentially we make connections between behaviors, emotions and experiences: and this ties into our decisions about food. So when we eat foods that strengthen us, it is because we still believe and know the benefit of that food deep within our body and our mind (i.e. "Carrots improve your eyesight"). 

When we eat something, we already know the benefit of that food. It really just boils down to the fact that sometimes we deny that we know the benefit, and sometimes we acknowledge it. When we eat certain things and our body feels sluggish and stagnant, deep down we know exactly what we are doing. We know that the foods we are eating are perpetuating that vicious cycle of keeping us sluggish and stagnant. When we eat foods that make our bodies feel energetic, vibrant and healthy, we also know what we are doing deep down. We know that we want to eat foods to feel great. However, sometimes we tell ourselves other things: like "healthy foods make me sick" or "deeply cooked foods make me happier", etc. These decisions are also the direct result of our thoughts and experiences of our past that aid in dictating the choices we make about food. 

Nevertheless, it is not only important to acknowledge the benefit of eating healthier foods, but it is also important to actually eat the foods that make your healthier. If you eat healthier foods now (as in today), you'll be much happier as your body gets older. We use our bodies everyday to work, build, create, teach, learn, master, nurture, heal, and--most importantly--to play. And because our bodies do so much, we need lots of energy: a lot of happy energy that is. We have to know that what we eat is helping us to be stronger vehicles of power and enlightenment in this world. And without a strong and powerful body, we won't be very successful in anything that we do. If we continue to eat foods that we think are making us feel good--all while draining and weakening our body and mind--we will slowly lose all vital energy. We will slowly dilapidate and dissolve into lifeless beings lacking awareness: sounds intense, but it's true and it's not a nice place to be.

Fruits and vegetables will make your body and mind stronger, powerful, and supremely energetic. The more fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis, the more energy you will have to do all the work that you wish to do. The more fruits and vegetables you eat on a daily basis, the more creative you become across the board. The power that comes from fruits and vegetables are in unison with the power that comes from the plants and trees, and the elemental power of nature. If you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you are constantly telling mother nature that you are ready to receive and channel the power of the Earth through your body. Of course the power of the Earth is flowing through every single thing: animate and inanimate. However, the power of the Earth will be more prominent and powerful in foods that come directly from the source: like fruits and vegetables. Everyone wants to be more in line with mother nature. Everyone wants to feel that abundant power of the Earth. And not to worry, the power of the Earth flowing through her fruits and vegetables will never overwhelm you; it can only balance, heal and enhance your entire life to any and all levels in which you wish to transcend.

Happy are those that eat in such a way that feels good both internally and externally. 

A good, balanced way of eating will allow for better sleep, better sex, better relationships, better creativity, better everything! 

Don't you want a "better everything"?
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