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Toronto, Canada

I've lived in NYC for almost 8 years, and I absolutely love this city...Its vibrancy, people, and mostly its food. I am a huge foodie as well as a gym rat (have to find balance somewhere, right?) I generally eat very healthy but when I eat out I pretend like it's my last day on earth...and then I go home and cry. Just kidding - life is too short - you have to enjoy it and live without regret.

What do you do?
I work full time as a fit model, which means I am the standard sample size for various designers, and the clothing line is fit to my body. I also do some fitness modeling as well (not the shredded up creepy looking kind). I recently launched a blog ( that teaches people how to live luxe for less with money saving advice.

Why do you do it?
Modeling is such a cool job and gives you the opportunity to meet really talented designers and gain insight into the fashion world that few get to see. The blog is my passion, though. I've always lived frugally and it means a lot to be able to teach people how to gain financial freedom without looking like a cheapskate.

What inspires you?
Anyone who is out there living their dreams and following their passion is inspiring to me. Not everyone is brave enough to go after what they want, so when I see that happen, it motivates me to do more.

Why is eating healthy, CLEAN FOOD important to you?
Well, I have to stay the exact same size for my fit modeling job, so that keeps me pretty dedicated! Besides that, I've learned to really love clean, healthy food and the way it makes me feel. Not to mention it gives me the ability to not feel too guilty when I indulge in truffle mac and cheese.

What do your prefer: Juice or Smoothie?
JUICE! Smoothies are like dessert (god that sounds sad). When I need an energy boost, I always prefer a nice big veggie juice over a cup of coffee to wake me up.

Favorite Juice recipe?
I love a spinach, apple, carrot, beet juice. So yummy.

Your vision for the future of healthy eating?
I think that more and more establishments will start taking responsibility for the food they provide and therefore make people more conscious of what they eat. With all the health problems related to unhealthy  eating habits, people are definitely starting to become more aware of what a "healthy" diet entails (plus health care is expensive!!)

Motto on Life
To enjoy the flavor of life...take BIG bites!

Learn more about Ashley's fun, carefree and liberated lifestyle as the fugal model here on her website:


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