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By Dominick H.

Hannah Bronfman / Huffington Post

A beautiful body. A healthy body. A beautiful brain. A healthy brain. Yes, it's all connected. Our brain is the essential component and centralized control system that governs all the other organs of our body. So, to put it in perspective, what your heart experiences your brain experiences. What your lungs experience, your brain experiences. What your senses experience, your brain experiences. What your entire digestive system experiences, your brain and the rest of your nervous system experiences. What your skin experiences, your brain experiences. See the connections we are making? Everything that we do and experience in this world is a direct result of our brain's functions, actions, and re-actions. So naturally if our brain is out of whack, our lives will be out of whack. On the other hand, if our brains are functioning beautifully and strongly, so will our lives: our internal and external world's are totally linked. But the bigger question: can we control our brain?

Well, not exactly. We work in tandem with our brain. What we "can control" is the way we live. And eating, obviously, is an important aspect of living. If we can eat in a way that uplifts our energy patterns throughout our entire body systems, we can keep our brain powerful, strong, and well-balanced. What does that mean? Well, imagine a life that you've always dreamed of: no skin issues, no digestive issues. You feel good everyday. You look good everyday. You love yourself everyday. You feel beautiful everyday. You feel healthy everyday. You feel intelligent everyday. And most importantly, you feel at ease and in command of your life in every possible way. Yes, of course you'll experience stresses and frustrations. Of course you'll get upset from time to time. But because you eat in a way that keeps your brain focused on empowerment and expansion, you never stay in those downward feeling, negative zones for too long. That sounds nice. Right? Who doesn't want that! 

So here are 4 little nibbles to get your body-brain connection strong and feeling amazingly powerful and confident in that super dope sorta way. Feel me?

These little fruits–when consumed over a long period of time–can work wonders on your brain functionality.  They are packed with protein, iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, folate, vitamin C (oh yes), beta-carotene, vitamin E and a ton of enzymes that are beneficial to the entire body-brain connection. The amount of antioxidants and other vital minerals in these little fruits are too many to count. By consuming them regularly, the whole immune system and digestive system can experience a rise in strength: thereby allowing for increased blood flow to the poorer functioning areas of the brain and body, as well as increasing the consistency of operational functions in the areas that require it.  Um. Yea, we need that.

Pure Dark Chocolate is not usually found in the milk chocolate brands that you find in your chocolate milk, milk chocolate treats or in many hot chocolate mixes. But on the flip side, it can be found in some hot chocolate mixes and in many chocolate treats. Dark Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean and is mostly native to Africa and the Americas. It is known to have iron, calcium, tons of antioxidants and a strong balanced amount of trace vitamins and minerals. Dark chocolate has been long associated with boosting heart health, as well as lowering blood pressure. Dark chocolate has also been known to increase blood flow to the brain. Many indigenous cultures around the world have long known chocolate to act as, sort of an aphrodisiac: for the bedroom and for creativity. Hence why it is often referred to as the Food of the Gods. Yes. I'll take two please. Thanks.

Another magnificent brain booster. These guys are great for improving blood flow (noticing a little recurring theme here with increased blood flow and the brain?) and improving our skin quality. There are certain stimuli in walnuts that helps to expand the blood vessels in our brain and body so much that it keeps the body free from inflammation and mucous in many respects. Walnuts really set the body up to be in optimal health. I mean, you still gotta eat other things and workout and do all your other healthy living routines. But walnuts really prepare the body-brain connection to stay in a state of radiant health. Aside from the fact that it is packed with calcium, potassium and lots of omega-3s, they are pretty tasty: especially when incorporated into different recipes like desserts or salads, for instance.

Turkish figs are filled with potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium. They also have quite a few enzymes: in particular, digestive enzymes. Because of their powerful effect on the digestive system, they can stimulate healthy bowel movements (insert poop emoji here). Turkish figs are also quite sweet, which is what makes them feel indulgent to eat. The balanced sugar content can level off any sort of sugar imbalances in the body. So if you're struggling with a sugar addiction, Turkish figs can act as a great replacement for all you sweet tooth peeps out there. Figs can also pacify hunger. If someone is having some difficulty with weight management, just a few Turkish figs can make you feel full. That full feeling is coming from the high doses of nutritious fiber content deeply embedded in the fig itself. So by consuming a few of these and a tall glass of room temperature water can definitely act as a meal replacer, and eventually help in bringing your body weight to a balanced and healthy state. Turkish figs are a great little food to use when you are coming off of a fast as well. Just a couple Turkish figs on a really empty stomach will activate digestion and purify the body of any old bacteria or impurities. 

Dopeness. Go get it!
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