Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Families love to cook a good meal. During the holiday times, the bounty of meals can range in various tastes, varieties, and of course, portions. And due to the innate nature of humans to experience the vast variety of things, it is completely natural for us to crave different sorts of foods at the dinner table. This holds especially true when folks from all around bring their eclectic meals during these special times. But can we truly eat and embrace all of these foods in a loving and receptive way, and with grace? Probably not entirely. (*sigh*)

There are usually too many options to choose from at the dinner table. And we tend to think we can eat a lot more than we can actually hold in our stomachs. I think its because of the excitement that tends to brew up and bubble around inside us during these times; the presence of friends and family can greatly arouse us in this way. But even more reason for us to be honest in our eating habits. If we eat too much, we may not be able to enjoy the total experience right in front of us. But on the other hand, if we eat too little in trying to be too conservative, we may also miss out on the fun of it all. So it is of the utmost importance to eat moderately, and balance the fun! Wouldn't you agree?

It is ideal for us to eat until content: that usually means not too full, and not too empty. It is a feeling that stimulates the thought, "I could eat more, but I don't need to because I love the way I feel right now."  When we overeat, we could potentially bring on all sorts of ailments and illnesses; and then we may lose out on having an awesome, loving, and blissful experience with our family and friends. Who wants to miss out on that fun because we ate too much?  Absolutely no one.

So as the holidays come around, remember to balance the eating habits: not too much and not too little. Feel free to taste and savor as much as you like, but in small portions. You want to feel good for the rest of the day. And you definitely want to feel good for the rest of the week. When we eat, in general, we ought to eat moderately. But the holidays can potentially bring out the worst in us by putting us in compromising situations to eat the whole feast! So let this time allow us to cultivate more non-attachment and more discipline around the dinner table.  

Let us have a healthy and happy holiday season both externally, and internally. Moderate eating is healthy eating. Don't let your taste buds send a negative ripple through your ever so powerful and abundant life. 

Take control. Maintain control. But most importantly, have fun!

You have the right to be healthy and live healthy: all day and everyday.

Make it a project: CLEAN FOOD day...

are you a tea lover?

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