Thursday, November 29, 2012


I used to find that thinking about eating healthy--or to make changes in my diet--was quite a bit overwhelming, to say the least. The vast varieties of fruits and vegetables (and not to mention all the types of diets) could seriously make anyone feel inundated with options and choices.  And to be quite honest, I stayed away from everything "healthy" because it seemed like an area of life that was just "not for me". I didn't understand it. I didn't get it. And I felt like every time I tried to speak to someone about this sort of stuff in order to expand my understanding of it all, I felt like a fool. So I basically casted it all aside: at least for the most part. 

What I did continue to do is keep my interest up in that world of healthy eating. Although I was not eating the healthiest of foods during these times, I would still keep in the back of my mind the possibilities of eating healthier foods and making healthier choices: for my body and my mind. I would ignore people when they made me feel insecure or foolish for having the diet that I did. But I would do my own research and experiment on my own. I would mix and match various fruits and veggies. I would try out various smoothies and juices: just to see how my body would feel. I would play around with things that were "taboo" in the healthy eating world: like eating bread and having a green juice (not recommended at all, btw). But the reason I did all this was to see what the point of all this healthy eating movement was: and then I figured something out! I figured out that I needed to find a way for me to eat healthy (and without any judgement on my part or on the part of my peers) in order to feel good! So I made the decision to eat only what makes me feel good! 

Now, I love eating things like raspberries, and turkish figs, and avocados (and maybe every now and again a nice raisin bagel with cream cheese). But I needed to find out about all this yummy goodness on my own. I needed to find it without the societal or environmental pressures to conform in a particular way, or to a particular diet: so yes, I was quite a bit defiant, tis true. But it's what I needed! And all that said, I think it is super important to eat healthy. But it is even more important to find that expression naturally and on your own. It is helpful to grab ideas and experiment with what is working and what is not. Because without all this dabbling here and there, I would not have found that correct expression for me, at this point in my life. 

And all you have to do is plant a small seed of interest. Take an interest in feeling good everyday. Take an interest in finding a suitable diet for you that allows you to feel and live authentically! If you can become a tad bit curious today about the power of healthy eating, you have already conquered the hardest part! The next step is to make smarter, healthier choices as you go forward. It will be tough. It will be challenging. And many times, you won't feel like making any healthy choices (because hey, we all like what we like, right?). But when you do choose, it will be a choice that was well thought out: and probably a very intuitive choice at that!  And that's the best part!
Make that decision, and that choice to be better: but never ever before it's time. Come and grow into that expression on your own. 

Plant a seed in your mind. Take some interest. And then the rest, is history.

...make it a project: CLEAN FOOD day...

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