Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It happens to many of us quite often that we tend to struggle with our breathing. We tend to find this occurring when going up a flight of stairs, or simply when we are exercising, stretching, or doing any other physical activities. But breathing restrictions can easily be remedied by making some small changes in the diet. What we eat on a daily basis can have a major impact not only on our breathing, but on our entire lives. And because every action we partake in has a reaction, it is very important for us to be mindful and aware of everything we put into our bodies. We must learn to treat our bodies as sacred, holy, and sensitive systems that are constantly in tune with nature. So it is ideal to maintain a balanced intake of all things.

So here is a short list of things to consider reducing or taking out of the diet completely. These things have the potential to limit the breathing capacity by adding mucous to the entire body: or even tightening the muscles around the lungs (intercostal muscles), and possibly even severely reducing our body's ability to maintain an adequate balance between the flow of carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen. And it is essential that our body maintain a healthy state of balance between these two elements, else we may experience breathing problems, or other ailments. 

And without further delay, here's the list!  Take all things into consideration, and make the changes as you see fit.

~Reducing intake of Cow's Milk
~Reducing intake of Bread
~Minimizing intake of Alcoholic beverages
~Reducing sugar intake
~Eliminating animal meat all together or reducing the amount significantly
~Reducing or eliminating all carbonated drinks (soda, etc.)
~Minimizing the amount of OTC drugs and supplements (too many subtle side effects)
~Reducing or eliminating cheese 
~Reducing the amount of yogurt intake
~Try not to eat too much eggs
~Try not to eat too much flour-based products (cakes, muffins, croissants, doughnuts, etc)
~Not too much spicy foods
~Try to avoid eating on the go or while rushing (it creates stress in the body)

Today, is a new day! Start fresh! Because the best of all moments are right here in front of us. 

Enjoy your life! But most importantly, have fun!

and here's a great book on relaxing the lungs and the whole body!

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