Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Sometimes we have the tendency to eat just because food is around. And sometimes we eat because we feel somewhat idle. But it is best to eat only when the body has a genuine feeling of hunger. It sounds so simple but, oftentimes, we find ourselves playing around in the kitchen (or in our nearby lunch spots) and just eating and eating and eating. This is not only a quick way to gaining weight, but it is also detrimental to the body and mind as a whole: and in all of our systems.

Our bodies do not require much food to survive. But because of societal pressure, and also pressure from personal and business environments, we tend to stuff our faces with foods and snacks of the sort when the body does not even care to have anything. And as a person living and aspiring to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to guide and monitor the eating habits. 

There is nothing wrong with nibbling from time to time: we all have that tendency. However, it can become a problem if we are eating as a means to avoid boredom, deep emotional experiences, or just eating because food is free and available. You are strong enough to control your senses and make your body wait until the next meal sitting. The body doesn't rule you. 

So as we move through the remainder of this year, make the best efforts to eat when you are genuinely hungry. When you control what goes in your mouth, you learn to become more aware and sensitive: and also more intuitive. The body accumulates toxins and parasites very easily. That is why we purify and cleanse it often. We do our best to maintain a balanced life of healthy eating, and living. And by controlling the appetite intuitively, we control our minds a bit more as well.

Remember, everyday you become a bit stronger. Everyday, you learn a little bit more.

Make it a project: CLEAN FOOD week...

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