Tuesday, September 18, 2012


There are some many wonderful meal plans and diets available for us to take on and embrace. Some diet plans place restrictions on particular foods and beverages; and some place restrictions on the amount you eat and consume in a given day. Some diet plans are for strengthening and empowering the body on a whole. Some are for purifying and healing different areas of the body. Some are for weight management. Some take an approach that eating in a particular way stimulates and awakens particular energies in the body. And the list could potentially go on and on. There are so many options and choices with these sorts of things; so it is easy to see how one could get confused, overwhelmed and inundated with all this.

Sometimes we take on a particular meal plan or diet because it is good for us at one particular point in our lives. We may require that diet in order to attain a particular goal for our body and mind. But oftentimes, many of us take on a diet because we feel that it is essential to our lifestyle. We feel that we need to take on a particular diet in order to fit in and be accepted into a particular sub-culture or community of the sort. And this is a beautiful thing when it happens naturally. Sometimes we take on a particular diet and it allows us to mingle and mix with people of similar tastes. But again, this is something that should happen naturally.

When we take on a diet that may not be for us on all levels, we have the potential to lose ourselves; we are not 100% honest with ourselves about the diet and how it is affecting us. We need to learn how to use a particular diet to serve a purpose. And when that purpose is served, put it down and let it go. However, on the other side of the coin, if we happen to keep some aspects of a diet naturally, this is honesty. We may still like some aspects of the diet. They may have inspired us to change our lives for the better. So when we keep parts of the diet (or possibly even all of the diet), it is something that feels good, and never ever feels like work.

When embracing a new diet--or continuing with a current diet--be sure that it is one that works best for you. Be sure that the diet allows you to feel good everyday. It is important to be honest with ourselves everyday about every aspect of our lives; we ought to have a sense of what is serving us and what is not. And when something is not serving us, we must start to muster up some strength to put those things aside so that we can embrace other things that will serve us adequately: and on all levels. Eating healthy is very complicated, and can be a bit of a chore at times: especially because of pressure from friends, society, and also because of our various surroundings. So even as you take on qualities from a diet, make sure it does not overwhelm you. No need to put pressure on yourself.

You are way too beautiful, and amazing, and liberated to allow anything to take you away from your own true nature. So take rest in that beautiful you, and continue to be honest with yourself as you embrace various healthy eating regimens.

Make it a project: CLEAN FOOD week...

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