Thursday, August 30, 2012


Weight management only becomes complicated because we say it is. But in actuality, once you switch that frame of mind from a place of doubt to a place of confidence and surety, managing the weight can become a challenge that you will learn to relish and enjoy! And we can easily begin the task of better managing our weight by taking on a diet that is a bit lighter and healthier for our bodies on a whole. In order for the body to maintain radiant health, it must consume foods that can help produce feelings of happiness, peace, and inner wealth. And by eating a nice and abundant, fruit-filled meal, you'll be able to easily get the job done!

Why fruits only? Many fruits are water based: so they contain many of their nutrients within the "watery-sap" of the fruit. That watery-sap contains everything the body needs and requires in order to strengthen and enliven the various systems. So out of all the meals we consume in a day, imagine if we dedicated at least one of our meals to eating only fruits? The results would be absolutely amazing! It would allow for us to make better food choices throughout the rest of the day. And, it would also allow us to be more honest with ourselves as to how much food we actually need in order to sustain our beautiful life force energy.

Most times, we eat all the wrong foods. And unfortunately, our bodies expense much energy attempting to process and digest these foods. This same energy could be better used to enhance digestion, keep the vital organs healthy, and of course keep our hair, skin and nails healthy. But in order to use that energy properly in the body, the body requires certain types of food to promote that growth. And at least one nutritious meal of fruits can always get the job done!

So consider substituting one of your regular meals for a meal that consists of only fruits. Imagine this at breakfast: some raspberries, some blueberries, two kiwis, a banana, an avocado, a few turkish figs and a nice tall glass of water! Imagine a nice tasty meal like that (or variations) for just one meal! Your body will thank you by rewarding you with that perfect weight. Your body will thank you by rewarding you with tons of energy, healthy teeth and gums, beautiful and clear skin, and of course tons of confidence! And we can all use a boost of that from time to time (I know we need it)!

Let mother nature guide you to that perfectly balanced mix of fruits! Eat them at breakfast, lunch, or even at dinner! You'll be happy you subbed out one of your old meals for this new and amazing treat! Let's finish the summer up strongly with a powerful new outlook on life!

You are what you eat. You become what you eat.

Make it a project: CLEAN FOOD week...

The Whole Food Bible

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