Tuesday, August 7, 2012


You can do it! This month, make it your business to dedicate your thirty days to a new workout regimen and a new eating regimen. Because sometimes just one of these is not enough. We need the combination of working out and eating healthy clean food in order to feel good, energized and invigorated!

There are tons of workout disciplines and body conditioning routines available in every city, state and country across the world. And if access is limited to classes, buy a book or a dvd that teaches about a particular workout routine that speaks to you: and of course inspires you!

And once you establish yourself firmly in that new workout discipline, start up a new healthy eating discipline. Here is our diet plan: the CLEAN FOOD DIET. Of course this is just a starting point, so you can use it if its working for you. Otherwise, there are tons more eating plans and diet available. But don't make the process too complicated. It's just a month. So pick a plan that seems doable and healthy enough to inspire you, then get going!

By putting these two things together, you easily begin to cast out any sort of hesitations and weaknesses in the body: both mentally and physically. And sometimes we need such powerful and dedicated disciplines to improve our relationships in business and in our personal lives on every level. Use these set disciplines to learn about yourself and your relationship to the world. Use them to help you leave behind the old and come forward into the newness!

These precious moments of radiance, strength, creativity and inspiration are eagerly awaiting you!

Get on it!
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