Tuesday, July 31, 2012


These days, many of us are juggling such crazy and hectic schedules. We find ourselves trying to maintain balance between work, family, and lifestyle commitments of the sort. Sometimes our attempts at maintaining a healthy mind and body just fall off our radar completely. And it's totally understandable! The time and energy dedication can be quite a bit overwhelming and burdensome when balancing our entire lives. So we here at project: CLEAN FOOD have created some ideas for you to consider while you are bouncing and moving around in this chaotically busy world!

We have done the leg-work to see what are the best options for busy people on the go and we have come up with a little list to help keep you in check. Now, all you have to do is keep this list close at hand until you remember the options that work best for you: then you are all set!

Play around with these options and do what is suitable for you!

We've done our part! Now do yours!

~Grab a fruit salad with balanced options of fruit (berries, melon, kiwi, etc)

~Eat a salad with your favorite little sides

~Pick up a pack of hummus (it's blended and mashed chickpeas) and eat it with fruit

~Have a nice big fruit smoothie (blended fruits) instead of a sandwich
~Make time to stop at the market and pick up your favorite snacks for the next day

~Have someone help you out with healthier options (assistant, spouse, nutritionist, etc)

~Stop by a nice and healthy farmer's market while in your travels

~Maybe have a veggie burrito without the cheese, sour cream and meat

~Maybe your favorite fast food joint has healthier options for you: check them out

~Even in a gas station you may be able to find a banana, an apple or an orange

~Major train stations and airports now have healthier cafes and juice bars: so ask around

~Coffee houses now have fruit smoothies, vegan options and fruit

~Sometimes it's better to have a nice big bottle of water and eat lighter for the day

~Gyms and fitness centers are now equipped with healthy cafes: grab some food there

Make it a project: CLEAN FOOD day!

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