Friday, March 2, 2012


Sometimes when we make that shift into our new CLEAN FOOD lifestyle, we are challenged by our environments and surroundings. We may live with others that do not necessarily resonate or believe in what we are practing or attempting to attain with this lifestyle. It is also possible that our friends, family and peers may attempt to place doubts in our minds about our changes. And that is a natural phenomena to experience. When people of the sort sense new behavior in us, they immediately try to understand it or cast it down because it is very different from their own lives. So take this as your opportunity to strengthen your practice and understanding of what it is you do, and of course, why you do it!

As you segue into a lifestyle that is distinct and unique, increase your levels of compassion for yourself while you may run into challenges from others. They are attracted to you merely to stir up doubts and fears that are already deeply rooted inside of you: like attracts like. In essence, these challenges make you stronger and more powerful! And in the meantime, increase your patience and compassion as you endure these battles. Be ok with the fears and doubts that come up. The more confident and resilient you become to the environments and circumstances around you, the more you stand out. The more you stand out, the more others will respect you and allow you to be yourself while you also become more comfortable with being yourself!

It's a project: it's a test. Yet it is a test and challenge well worth passing. After all, you are on the path to becoming a radiantly blissful and beautiful CLEAN FOODIE!

Now that's impressive!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

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