Friday, February 24, 2012

project: CLEAN FOOD's PrOjecT foR tHe WeeKeNd || EAT A NEW FRUIT!

In order to initiate change, we do not always have to make a big project of it all. Sometimes the project is the initiation of the change itself. And by simply trying a new fruit this weekend, you will begin to expand your outlook and perceptions just a tad bit more! It is sort of like the ever so popular "ripple effect". If you throw a small stone into a lake, you will see how that small stone causes a series of ripples that will in turn affect the entire organism. This holds true also for you and your life. If you take one small moment and expand a bit more your outlook, your taste buds and your perceptions, eventually everything is subject to that same level of change and growth! Very cool and exciting!

If you've never had a kiwi before, try one. Maybe some mini-apples from the farmer's market? Try some! Or how about a dragon fruit (passion fruit) from China? Or how about some raspberries, blueberries or blackberries? Ever tried a pomegranate? Or maybe even a turkish fig or a date fruit? There are so many options available! Just take a trip to a healthy market of your choice (or maybe a new one in a different neighborhood), walk into the produce aisle, and just be open and receptive! Go a little outside of that comfort zone and see what is waiting for you!

If you need some suggestions, check out this little list: top 17 FRUITS

And of course, you may play around through this website and learn about some of the super fruits on here that are available for you to try!

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