Thursday, February 2, 2012


So you've thinking and talking about making changes in your diet. But maybe it has been a bit tough as to how to make that change. For some of us, there are so many things to consider: lifestyle has to change, the whole relationship with food has to change, maybe even the diet of the household (with your partner or kids) has to change. These can be some heavy and burdensome things to consider when deciding to take on a new regimen of sorts. To just pick up and change your entire life over night is not as easy as it sounds. While some are able to just turn their entire lives around in a matter of seconds, some people need a tad bit more motivation and inspiration than others. And we get that. We are all beautifully unique and amazing humans living and existing in this powerfully abundant world. That said, there is no need to rush and attain radiant health. First, just start to embrace your nature, as you are, while you segue into your new lifestyle! That's it!

Here are some helpful little tips to help you ease seamlessly right into your new dieting lifestyle:

~Consider recruiting a friend or family member to join in on the fun!
~Make one very small change a day (a little more fruit, a little less bread, etc)
~Be patient and understanding to newer foods that you try. It takes time, right!
~Slowly start to take notice as to what is distracting you from making a change
~Keep a journal to chart any progress, regressions or emotions that are felt
~When you make a change you are proud of, tell someone (share with friends)!
~Do aerobic exercise daily as this helps to stimulate a good healthy appetite.
~Visit this website often and check out inspiration from our CLEAN FOODIES
~Take classes that provide learning opportunities on nutrition awareness
~Get advice from a friendly nutritional counselor or therapist
~Stay committed to compassion and inner peace as your goal for eating healthy
~Consider making changes in your life to inspire others around you!
~Remember your beauty and radiance everyday!

That's it!

Love life. Love yourself.
Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

It's a project, but make it your business to take it on and complete it!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

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