Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We here at project: CLEAN FOOD are all about eating good, healthy and CLEAN food. However, make sure that when you are eating that lovely meal, that there is some sort of love exchange between you and that food. It is very essential for your health and the ultimate success of your overall diet plan!

We tend to learn a bit about healthy eating from all sorts of resources: from books, from articles, from videos, and from various media sources. And as we start to incorporate these new eating techniques, be sure to continue to be open and receptive as to what is and what is not working for you and your body. It is very possible that you may have tried drinking a green juice. And it is very possible that you may have enjoyed it; it is also possible that you may have found the sheer taste of it utterly repulsive. Regardless of how the juice makes the taste buds feel, take notice as to how the entire body feels after consumption. If it feels good in your body, its probably good for you. If it makes the body feel lethargic and weak, never have it again. And this should be your approach with each and everything you put inside of that beautiful human system of yours. After all, it is a temple that is worthy of your praise at each and every moment of existence.

So take your time and structure your meal plan. We have our very our clean eating meal plan (the CLEAN FOOD diet plan). But we also understand that this and many other diets may not be suitable for everyone. So we are encouraging you to use this diet plan as well as the many others you hear about and check them out. Now don't look at this as diet shopping; it is more like intuitive eating in order to find the best and most perfect diet regimen suitable for you. For example, eating lots of cashews may be great for one person, but it may make another person very constipated and slow down their bowel movements greatly. So you have to see what is delicious and healthy for you!

The more you have questions about your diet, the more you need to get clear about what you eat and why you eat it. Sometimes we take on eating regimens because others around us or in our immediate environment is eating in this manner. But in actuality, we may not feel 100% convinced in the power of that particular diet. So, on that note, continue to be child-like and investigate all options.

At the end of the day, you want to be madly in love with your diet, so much that you don't even think about expressing that love: the manifestation of love for your diet just takes shape in a natural and unique way. If you find yourself trying to impress upon others how great your diet is, you are still not quite in-love with your diet yet: and that's ok. When you really and truly love something, there is no need to sell it to anyone else. Its just like any beautiful relationship, it takes time to cultivate and understand why you have chosen that particular mate and what sort of affect that relationship has your mind and body: and without any sort of question or doubt. Your food is your mate. You are consuming it and it is consuming you. The food and you are becoming one with each other. So make sure you see yourself in all that you eat and consume.

Now go and investigate! Enjoy your life! Enjoy your diet! Have loads of Fun!

Fall in Love again (with your diet)!

And most importantly, eat CLEAN FOOD...

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