Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It has been said for thousands of years by many ancients of yore. And there is truth to this old adage: Let everything you eat act as healing and medicine for your body! Many medications and prescriptions of the sort are derived from varieties of herbs, plants, and foods of the sort. So we here at project: CLEAN FOOD just think that we all (meaning all humans) should just consider eating the food. Simple.

This is not to say that the healthcare industry is not doing an amazing job at healing and curing people of many diseases and ailments of the sort. However, we are here to say that medication is not the only method of healing, curing and purifying the body. Before there was a healthcare industry (as we know it today), many ancient peoples maintained longevity of the body with various healing and purifying techniques; these techniques run the gamut across Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Hermetic Medicine, Alchemy, Folk Medicine and many other traditional techniques that were unique to cultures and indigenous peoples of the sort. And within these particular ancient healing methods, a traditional healer or practitioner could use various concoctions of herbs, foods, seeds, oils, serums and potions that allowed for the total rejuvenation and rebirth of the physical and subtle body.

So as we continue to move through the world and have experiences with various ailments and dis-eases of the body, let us remain open and receptive to the ways of natural healing. An open heart is one that allows all things to be felt and experienced: and without any sort of bias. And just as we embrace the healthcare industry and their healing methods with open arms, let us also embrace the traditional methods of natural healing and purifying with an open heart and mind.

There is no one way to do anything. There are many ways, many keys and many gateways that one can use to attain the same goal. This is just another leaf on the beautiful and abundant tree of knowledge: a small one at best.

Be receptive to the grace of healing. Be receptive to the grace of food as medicine. Be receptive to Mother Earth and her power.

Be receptive and eat CLEAN FOOD...

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