Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It is a natural feeling to feel somewhat challenged by the big task ahead. All of us know how to make essential changes in various aspects of our lives. However, sometimes the task can seem a bit overwhelming when it comes to making a change or transition that will directly affect our lives. And this is usually the case when we feel the need to change for the better. We have the tendency to make the task at hand seem much bigger and larger than our entire being. But in actuality, it's really not. The moment we take a firm grip and shift our perception towards dealing with the task at hand, the work that needs to be done flows naturally through us.

But still, many of us need an extra push, an extra spark, an extra little inspiration to grow, expand and radiate our own eternal bliss. We understand. So here are a few tips that could possibly help you grow outside of the comfort zones in which you live. In order to be greatly inspired to make some changes, the first step is to be willing to go outside of your own understandings, your own perceptions, and your own comfort zones! Have fun with these little tips!!

~Prepare an entire healthy meal just for yourself
~Spend a day getting some great body treatments (acupuncture, massage, etc)
~Take a meditation class or a yoga class
~Try visiting a new restaurant that serves vegan, vegetarian or raw foods
~Take a cooking class
~Plan to go on a vacation by yourself, and book it
~Go for a walk
~Donate your time and energy to help out those in need (that are not as fortunate as you)
~Go on a sacred pilgrimage
~Write a story
~Write some poetry
~Fast for about 24 hours (no food, just liquids)
~Take an acting class
~Create a blog that allows you to expand on your creative voice
~Go to the animal shelter and spend an hour helping out
~Watch some inspiring and motivating videos on youtube
~Start that business, instead of thinking about starting it! (this might help: LegalZoom)
~If you love someone, tell them how you feel about them
~Ask someone random to accompany you to lunch and offer to pay
~Ask for help if you need help with something
~Give someone a big loving hug that is hard for you to hug
~Go closer towards your fears as a means to transcend them
~Get out of a stressful and frustrating situation as soon as possible

What do all of these have to do with eating CLEAN FOOD? Everything. If your mind is not settled, happy, calm and tranquil, all the healthiest of foods and diets in the world will do nothing for you. It will end up making you more sick and more dis-eased. For it is better to have a healthy mind filled with love, peace, creativity and compassion and eat anything than it is to have a particular type of diet and no healthy mind at all.

Expand a little bit more today. Use the above tips as but a bit of inspiration to add into your already wonderful and abundant lifestyle. We are all beautifully amazing human beings. It just needs to be seen and revealed to us completely!

Be receptive to expansion and go outside of your comfort zones, starting...

now. simple. easy.

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

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