Friday, January 27, 2012

project: CLEAN FOOD's PrOjecT foR tHe WeeKeNd || NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS

It is so simple and easy to do! From Lunchtime today, until your last meal on sunday evening, see if you are willing and able to put aside all animal products; and keep them out of your foods and drinks. I know, it sounds like a lot. Yet, we are not here to say that this is a better way of eating and living, but it is a significantly unique perspective on eating. And we tend to feel that a diet that is significantly higher in plant-based products from the Earth like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and chocolate (yes chocolate) is the diet that will easily set you up for attaining radiant health. Think of this diet as kind of like a shortcut.

So eliminating animal products would include the following:

~All dairy (milks, yogurts, cheeses, etc)
~All animal meat
~All seafood (fish, shrimp, lobster, etc)
~All styled eggs (Egg whites, etc)

That about covers it!

Try it out and see for yourself. See how you feel energetically. See how your body feels as you move through the days. See what your thought process is like. It is important to be receptive and open to such things. As humans, there are many possibilities and tendencies as to how we should or should not live. And this happens to be just another option. No particular diet is ever set in stone. However, not every diet plan is suitable for every body metabolism; and that is also based on a slew of factors that can include environment, living situation, current health, stress levels, and the list goes on.

So check this one out this weekend! Its pretty much how we eat around here. For more information on this sort of diet, check this out: the CLEAN FOOD diet plan.

And if you are interested in various recipe options, we got ya covered there too: 350 Best Vegan Recipes

And as always, we'd love to hear your feedback!

Lots of Luck!

...make it a CLEAN FOOD weekend...

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