Friday, January 20, 2012


When making changes and shifts in the diet or in the habits of eating, it is best to follow your intuition and intelligence about things. Those two will always lead you right to all that it is you wish to know and understand about your new regimens and routines. And with that in mind, know that it is natural to not necessarily agree with the diet choices or diet regimens of others. They may like raspberries and figs, but you may like pears and banana bread. They may like green juices, but you may like smoothies. They may adhere to a diet of all fruits and vegetables, but you may adhere to a diet of fruits and vegetables, occassionally. And the variety of comparions can continue to go on like this.

The important thing is this: find out what works best for you. What works best for you, may not work well for anyone else on the entire planet. And, that's quite alright. We are beautiful and blissfully unique beings in this world. And we all have a way of naturally expressing ourselves in this rapidly unfolding universe. So let your new diet or eating regimen come to you naturally: just watch it arrive! You may learn from others. You may even take on some of their routines and habits to learn how it feels in your body, and within your world. But continually craft out what is best suited for you and your happiness!

The rules of eating are the ones that you set for yourself. So see what feels good, and what doesn't. Take a special note to what makes you feel energetic, what doesn't. And especially take notice to what makes you feel sickly and tired, and what doesn't. Eating CLEAN FOOD is simple! And that's the idea: make life more simple.

Eat what you like and enjoy it to the fullest! And remember: taste is in the appetite.

(if you're interested, check out the CLEAN FOOD diet plan)

...make it a CLEAN FOOD weekend....
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