Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just a little bit of writing never hurt anyone. Not much writing needs to be done either. But, do just enough so that you are able to keep track of what you are eating and whether or not it is agreeing with you, your body and your lifestyle. You don't have to keep measurements of food portions, if you don't want to. You don't even have to try to balance it out in any logical or mathematic way. Just keep it simple and easy!

11 January 2011

Breakfast - Fruits, some nuts and a bagel and cream cheese
Snack - a smoothie and a banana
Snack - Bag of Potato Chips
Snack - Slice of Banana Bread and Coffee
Lunch - Burrito and an iced tea
Dinner - Mixed Green Salad, pasta, etc

I felt great today with everything I ate. Felt a bit bloated and not able to make any trips to the bathroom. I wonder if it's the chips or the nuts or maybe even the bagel? Or maybe it's because I don't normally eat so much fruit? Anyway, I loved everything and enjoyed it to the fullest! We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning! Overall, I had a great day!


By keeping track of what you are eating over the course of, at least week, you are able to see what is easily digestible and what gives you energy, and what doesn't. Take special notice to any changes in your mood: do feel uplifted or depressed? Do you feel the need to spend time by yourself or with lots of friends? These are all things that tend to shift a bit while making some diet changes and transitions. If you forget to write something down, no worries. This is just a little technique to help you monitor all that is going into your body and the affect it has on your beautiful and amazing system!

Buy a brand new journal this week just for this little project, and have fun with it!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...

*the above diet is an example and does not in any way reflect our particular views. for more information on the CLEAN FOOD diet:

check this out | the CLEAN FOOD diet plan
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