Monday, January 9, 2012


Just a bit of fresh (and preferably organic) fruits everyday can work wonders on your amazingly powerful human system. You may have a bit around breakfast time with your normal meal or you may have a larger portion of fruit only for your breakfast. Or if you wish, you may also have a mixture of fruit as a full meal at any other point throughout the day.

When your body starts to become accustomed to having a daily dose of fresh fruits everyday, you naturally start craving the right foods that are neccessary to balance your entire system out on a continual basis. Also, by uping the intake of fresh organic fruits in the diet, your body not only becomes much more stronger and immune to sicknesses and ailments, but your body also becomes more self-sufficient. No longer will you need or require to take any sort of vitamin supplements of the sort in order to balance anything in your body. The fruits provide all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that your body requires for its adequate maintenance.

What an awesome and amazing system we have here, right? It's so beautiful!

So get out there and trust your intuition as you head over to your local market to pick up some fresh fruits this week. Try making your own fresh fruit salads. Preparing your own meals are so much more fun. However, if you are on the go and you feel the need to purchase a pre-made fruit salad, make sure you buy it at a place where the produce is always freshly prepared daily!

Let's get started!

...make it a project: CLEAN FOOD day...
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