Friday, December 16, 2011


This little treasure trove is one of the best organic vegan-vegetarian (and kosher) cafes here in New York City. We got there around lunch time and this place was bustling with a mix of suits, weight-lifting gym buffs, yogis and just your everyday New Yorker looking for a quick healthy fix while in transit!

Our first visit, some time ago, we did not have the opportunity to sit and enjoy one of their meals: we just grabbed one of their amazingly delicious strawberry mint lemonades! Just this week, we decided to pop in and sink our teeth into one of their ever so tasty sandwiches. And to no surprise, we were blown away! We had the Jerk Tofu Pineapple sandwich: and boy-oh-boy was it good! Mixed with all sorts of peppers, red onions, some fresh pineapple and just the perfect amount of Jerk Seasoning that'll make you feel like you're somewhere in the Caribbean savoring each and every bite of this yummy treat!

But while waiting for the sandwich, we couldn't help but notice all the other amazing delights that were coming out of their kitchen: a meatball sub, a bacon cheddar "chicken" ranch sandwich, and some really delicious looking salads that were graced with an abundance of quinoa and avocado! The fragrances and essences of the food swirling around, alone, was enough to die for! There are also some great little sides if the sandwich alone is not enough. They always have a great soup of the day, some quinoa or bean salad sides and even roasted sweet potatoes.

They have a good variety of smoothies and fresh juices! And with drink names like the LIVE LONG AND GREEN, BRAZILIAN BOMBSHELL, and LADY IN RED, how could one resist?

And of course, our favorite part: the yummy baked goods! They have a great selection of goods that include Apple Cider Donuts, Banana Walnut Bread, Chocolate Mocha Brownies, Chocolate Cupcakes and the list of indulgence just goes on and on!

So take a nice trip over to this chelsea hangout. If you have never had a vegetarian meal before, there is a great place to start! The options are great and the food is super delicious! The staff is super friendly and the food is always made fresh and, of course, with lots of love: and why not, ya!

Enjoy it! Feel free to tell us about your experience! We'd love to hear from you!

And I'm sure Terri would just as eagerly love to see you!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...



60 West 23rd Street
Between 6th Ave and 5th Ave
New York, NY 10010


Monday - Friday, 6am - 11pm
Saturday & Sunday, 8am - 9pm

Getting there
N or R Train to 23rd Street / Broadway
F / M Train to 23rd Street / 6th Ave
1 Train to 23rd Street / 7th Ave
NJ PATH to 23rd Street / 6th Ave
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