Tuesday, December 27, 2011


So give it a try! Just for about 24 hours, see if you can eat foods that are plant-based and that are not prepared with any fire or heat. There are so many options! You can make fruit or vegetable salads, various nut and trail mixes, smoothies, freshly blended juices (and these are very filling), dried fruits (like figs, dates, apricots, etc) and many others! Avocados are also usually very filling (just an FYI). And use water your main beverage during this time (unless it's a juice or smoothie, which is A-okay in our book).

*No breads, bagels, grains of any sort, oatmeal, eggs or dairy products. No meats. Nothing boiled, cooked, fried or baked in any sort of way* (Just for 1 day, that's all)

Gosh, why so rigid and strict, you may wonder? Well, truth is, when you reduce the amount of cooked food in-take in the body, you tend to not only have more energy, but also the body experiences greater levels of health and vibrance on a daily basis: your energy levels will soar! And a 24-hour period of this will give you a small taste of what this feels like! Although it is only for a short period of time, the effects can be felt over the course of about 4- 6 days! Amazing, right!!

Are you ready? Set? Go for it! Trying something new is always so much fun and challenging: and we all love a good challenge, right? Give the New Year a fresh start by going outside of the box and breaking your comfort zone: just one small step! That's it! So simple! Embrace it with joy and happiness! And everything that you desire is coming! Radiant health is right around the corner! And we've got ya covered throughout the process! Don't you worry about it.

(ps--it's also a great time to check out a new restaurant: for all you foodies out there!)

Feel free to leave any feedback, if you wish!

Happy Tuesday!

...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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