Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As the temperatures start to dip a bit in the Northeast of the USA, and other parts of the world, it essential that we keep our levels of immunity as strong as possible. It is very easy during the fall/winter season to contract some sort of sickness or ailment. As we move through the world, we are easily exposed to others that are also healing from various illnesses. And because the winter season, requires more energy of your body, the body can easily contract illnesses from others if that energy is not replenished as often as possible.

The key thing is: keep the body strong and you don't ever have to worry about "healing it", ever! When the immune system has all the power and vitality it requires to move through the world, even if the body contracts some sort of virus or parasite, your immune system will destroy it before you even notice any symptoms. So in essence, if you keep your body strong and your immune system in tip top shape, you won't ever feel or experience any sort of sickness or illness.

And keeping that mind, one of the best type of foods that easily boost up your immune system are Mother Earth's premiere superfoods of the land: BERRIES! There many different varieties of berries. Berries are grown all over the world and have been a staple fruit in many diets across many cultures. Now in the Northeast and many other colder climates, it is rare that you will find any berries available. So a majority of the berries you will be eating will come from warmer, more moderate climates: like parts of California, countries in Central America, New Zealand and other parts of the world. While it is great to eat foods that are local and more rooted to the land, berries can act as a super powered vitamin to carry you through the winter season.

Here is a great list of some great berries to have during this time of the year:

*Kiwifruit (technically part of the berry family)
*Aronia Berry (Chokeberry)
*Plum Tomatoes

Berries, in general, have a very balanced content of vitamin C, beta-carotene, protein, potassium, phosphorous and a slew of other nutrients. In particular, they are known for their high level of anti-oxidants which are essential for boosting the strength of the immune system. Anti-oxidants, in addition to the other nutrients, fuse them themselves into your bloodstream as a means to purify the blood and, in turn, purify the entire body.

Berries are so powerful, that a salad mix of just them alone can be used as one whole meal. Every nutrient that is required for the body's everyday function is rooted right into these beautiful fruits of the Earth. Not only can you eat them fresh, but you can also use them as ingredients in your smoothies and when making fresh jams or preserves.

Have fun with these beautiful and amazing fruits. Try out some of the ones on the list that you may have never had before. Maybe introduce some friends or family members to these powerful fruits! Maybe even dabble in various recipes that incorporate berries into your meal plan. Eating can be exciting and fun! Just because food is healthy, it does not mean it has to be boring. Find the right balance of foods and recipes that fit suitably into your diet, and that allow for you to feel good about your body and your mind everyday! And when the mind and body feels good, it becomes a bit easier everyday to maintain radiant health and a super powerful immune system!


...are you eating CLEAN FOOD...
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