Saturday, September 3, 2011


We all love to eat delicious and nutritious meals of the sort. However, we tend to forget the power and beauty in relishing in each bite of those meals. Because of the fast paced world we live in, we oftentimes get caught up in rushing our meals and eating them very fast. And as great as it is to eat healthy and natural foods from the Earth, all of those benefits are lost when the food is eaten fast and digestion is rushed. So, we here at project: CLEAN FOOD want to make sure you know the importance of chewing slowly: with awareness and minfulness.

When the process of chewing is rushed, your digestive processes will also experience a sense of urgency; this not good for your body. When chewing is rushed, you run the risk of not absorbing all of the nutritious benefits of the foods. The process of digestion starts in the mouth. So when your saliva starts to mix with your food, your body is already preparing the food to enter in the body in a correct and safe format. Your saliva has all sorts of essential elements and chemicals that are required for the adequate breakdown of your foods. And when your saliva is not able to mix correctly with your foods, you become susceptible to all sorts of digestive ailments (in addition to malabsorption).

When the food is chewed slowly and the saliva breaks down the food in an appropriate manner, all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals are absorbed to perfection. By eating slower and taking time to chew your food, you are less likely to overeat and feel completely stuffed (also not very healthy for your body). When the body is able to adequately take in as many nutrients as possible, you are more likely to eat the correct amount of food at each and every sitting for a meal.

So prioritize your health: chew slowly and more mindfully. There is not need to rush your your meals. And if you find yourself always rushing your meals, just take careful consideration of your body and all of its requirements. Make sure to prioritize your eating habits (and not just the food). Also, consider talking less while eating your food. Sometimes when we talk a lot during our meals, we tend to chew fast in the process.

Today let us take some beautiful strides forward to better our eating habits. What is the sense in eating beautiful foods of the Earth if our bodies are not able to take in all the love that Mother Nature has provided for us in those foods? So slow down a bit. Make your meal a beautiful one.

Eat CLEAN FOOD and chew slowly... Because eating slowly is project: Clean Food approved...

...are you eating Clean Food...
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