Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We must admit, every now and again, we thoroughly enjoy some good ol' sweets here at project: CLEAN FOOD. We understand the impact that having lots of sweets can have on the system. So when we do opt for some desserts or sweets, we usually aim for the vegan and raw vegan prepared desserts.

Vegan desserts are those that do not contain any sort of bleached flours, refined sugars or animal products in the ingredients: so no dairy, no eggs, no butter,no white flour, etc. Raw vegan desserts are not even baked or heated. These desserts are put together using a variety of nuts, dates, figs, avocados or a slew of other fresh ingredients carefully crafted with sheer genius: so none of the ingredients need to be heated. Other than that, they are similar to the ingredients of vegan desserts.

So why are these sorts of sweets and desserts better for ya? Well, the short answer is: they are so much easier to digest! When the ingredients are more pure, more clean and less refined, it is a much more enjoyable experience. Sweets are fun! And they should remain that way! So, you don't have to stop eating sweets: just check out some vegan or raw vegan delights!

What are YOUR favorite vegan or raw food desserts or sweets? Do you have a recipe you wanna share? We'd love to hear all about it!

But, if you're not the baking type, where do you like to buy your vegan or raw vegan sweets?

And if you've never had vegan or raw vegan sweets, share with us a local bakery or market (that you may have heard about) that looks like they have some REALLY good treats!

Let's hear what you have to say!

Vegan and Raw Vegan sweets are always Clean Food approved: in moderation of course...
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