Friday, June 24, 2011


There have been many days where we as people have not been satisfied with the environmental conditions within the local market or grocer. And some of us have spoken up about these things. But unfortunately, many individuals decide to keep quiet about their opinions: either waiting for the next person to speak up or appropriating responsibility to the purveyors and markets themselves. It is usually these same people that have a slight tendency to complain about the market: either to themselves or to others that frequent these places. Well my friends, we here at project: CLEAN FOOD want you to use and express that beautiful voice of yours at all times. It is time to consider caring more about the food products, as well as its handling and its presentation.

We have all been in the market and seen, at some point, mold and fungus growing on fruits and vegetables, expired foods of the sort and a great deal of other things that leave a deep-seated worry and concern for the products. By speaking up to the customer service representatives or floor maangers, it not only makes them take responsibility for the store's products, but it also lets them know that you are a frequent shopper and care deeply about these sort of things. Use this technique to not only make markets aware of old and expired food, but also for unethical pricing, poor presentation of goods, cleanliness, store hygiene and anything else that could potentially raise concerns in your heart.

Speak to your fellow brothers and sisters at the marketplace with compassion. Let them know your concerns. Speak to them with a kind heart and a soft voice. By approaching them from a place of love, care and understanding for the food products (as well as for other consumers), they will hear your voice and your concerns.

Let us together look out for one another by helping and sharing information that can better our environments on a whole. The market will appreciate this immediately. Constructive criticisms on a whole can be potentially difficult for many people to give or receive: but we must be receptive. This is how we grow as a people. This is how we grow here on planet Earth.

Care more. Care deeply. Speak strongly. Speak lovingly. Let your voice be heard.


Eat Clean Food.
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