Sunday, June 26, 2011


Many people tend to stray away from wonderful fruits and vegetables in the market because of doubts about being able to pick the "right one." Some are especially hesitant if they have never eaten or been exposed to the fruit or vegetable. So, us shoppers unfortantely leave the knowledge of choosing produce to the farmers, purveyors and chefs (a.k.a. moms, dads, grandparents, friends, etc). But we here at project: CLEAN FOOD want you to jump in on the fun and learn how to pick your produce.

We can't really "teach" you, but we can give you some tips. Everyone has their little tips and tricks for picking their produce. The best tip we can give you: use your intuition. Let your produce speak to you!

Learn how to observe various breeds and species of the produce. Take note of smells of fresh and poor quality produce. Take notice of really young or unripe produce vs. ripe ones. Also, try and remember the taste of certain fruits and vegetables; then associate that with your observations made previously about the produce. In essence, you become a little "produce picking scientist" while in the market; and that is how you can connect deeply with the produce. Besides, its very fun and engaging once you get into the rhythm of it all.

There is nothing wrong with a little trial and error. After a couple rounds of picking and choosing your own produce, you won't feel the need to buy any pre-packed salads of the sort. You will take extreme joy in putting together your own creation. It is truly an amazing feeling to watch your meal come together from the market to the moment of consumption!

Allow yourself to connect deeply with your produce. The Cleanest Food is the one chosen by your own beautiful hands. Trust that you have the power to make these choices with any and all produce. Let your hands guide you.
Let your intuition lead you.

Let your plate be filled with Clean Food...
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