Thursday, June 23, 2011


We all have been making some strong efforts to eat cleaner foods these days. When the knowledge about various foods and products starts to rattle our brains and open our eyes, we have no other option than to reflect on the choices we make on a daily basis.

That said, everyone--at some point--thinks about making stronger efforts to incorporate more leafy green vegetables into their diets. And we here at project: CLEAN FOOD recognize that. We also know how hard it is to incorporate these leafy greens into our diets on a daily basis. There are so many choices, ya? So what better way to get a chunk nutrients into the system than by drinking a nice, super green, fresh juice!

Here is our little Magic Green Juice Recipe. Try it out and see if you like it.
Either buy it at your local health food store or juice bar, or make it at home in your own juicer!

And here it is:

--Collard Greens
--Dandelion Root
For those of you making this at home, cucumber will be about one quarter to a half of the juice; half a cucumber yields a lot of liquid (naturally distilled water is in the cucumber). The rest of the juice will be a strong balanced mixture of the other greens. Use your judgement: we trust you.

By drinking this once a day for at least 3 days a week, the body's digestion will not only strengthen, but also many ailments and sicknesses can potentially fall by the way side.

We believe that this sort of green juice is more pure, fresh and clean than anything you could ever buy that was pre-made: and even more powerful than a juice made with a powder. This here is the real deal. Be forwarned, this will be somewhat bitter for some of you.

As we move through various changes in our lives, it is possible to go through a similar type of "bitterness." The bitterness that we taste here is just our initial hesitation to change and growth.

We ask that you be open and receptive to the Magic Green Juice. Invite into your lives and this new day, something that could bring a change for the better: something that could potentially introduce you to a new way of living: a new way of thinking.

To eat in a clean way, everyday, is a project in and of itself.
So that is why we are here: we support clean eating and living, here on this Earth.

And more importantly, we support you.

Eat Clean Food...
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