Monday, June 27, 2011


When people buy a freshly blended juice in the market or juice bar, it is "normal" to have a pure and untainted liquid placed in a plastic cup: all for our consumption. And we here at project: CLEAN FOOD are not advocates of drinking any beverages out of plastic.

So here is an easy solution: buy your very own Mason Jar (sometimes referred to as a Ball Jar).

They come in a variety of sizes and can cost anywhere between $1 - $4 at your friendly neighborhood hardware store. You can also find them online easily in bulk.

Those of you that are familiar with these jars, you and your family have probably used them to store foods and beverages of the sort. In general, people use them not only for foods and beverages, but also to create and store various preservatives and herbal concoctions.

So, we say, why not get a one that suits you (size wise). Use it to carry your water or even to hold your freshly blended juice made at home or bought in the store. If buying in the store, just politely ask the person at the juice counter to "fill-her-up." The jars have measurements on the sides: really easy to measure, so no complicatons at all.

And on that note, get to it! Say no to plastic. Just because we are given something in our lives, it does not mean we have to use and accept it: plastic has chemicals. So be mindful...

Drink a Clean Liquid: the project: CLEAN FOOD way...

Here is our little write-up on plastic and food in case you missed it:
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