Tuesday, June 21, 2011


All this "healthy eating stuff" can be a bit overwhelming at times: we get it. So most of us just try and do what we can, with regard to eating foods from the Earth in its most natural and pure state, right?

So, we here at project: CLEAN FOOD have decided to craft out a little menu for your day tomorrow! You can use it to not only maintain a radiantly healthy eating regimen in the day, but also worry less about what to eat and all the tidbits that come with meal planning: ease back and relax, we got your back!

So here we go:

This should be eaten somewhere between 7am - 11am

--A Nice Light Fruit Mix(raspberries, blackberries, 2 kiwis, a whole avocado)
--Oatmeal** in Water with Cinnamon and maple syrup or honey (avoid sugar)
--1/2 Cup of Walnuts and Raisins (two hand fulls)
--16oz Pure Spring Water, purified or ionized water

**Oatmeal is just an option in case the fruit alone is not enough


Snack Option
If you don't think you can make it, try ONE of the following:
-Drink one liter of water (32oz).
-Eat another couple hand fulls of walnuts, raisins and maybe some almonds
-Drink a nice refreshing smoothie or freshly blended juice (your choice!)

This should be eaten somewhere between 3pm - 8pm

-Some sort of grain (quinoa, amaranth, cous-cous, brown rice)
-A small green salad (go light on dressings, but have fun!)
-A vegetable (chickpeas, lentils, squash, pumpkin, okra, etc)
-A small dessert that is light on digestion, if you like (your choice)
-16oz or more of water

**This dinner is just an option. It may not appeal to everyone. Some will be quite contented with just a big salad, some may not need the grain or the dessert. Some could just have a big smoothie and a soup. Some may not even be hungry.
Follow your intuition. When you give that much space between meals, you may think you are a lot hungrier than you really are; so use your discretion. The purpose of this little regimen is to feel lighter throughout your day. We think that this little menu could help out with that.

So print it out, stick it in your pocket, in your bag, on your refrigerator or at your desk: and you are all set.

If there is anything on this menu that you may be unaware of, feel free to look it up.

project: CLEAN FOOD wants to share information about the Earth's food with the hopes of learning together as one community. Together we are strong and a powerful wave of knowledge for the future.

Let's make it a project to eat clean food tomorrow!

Have Fun!!
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