Friday, March 4, 2016


By Dominick Hiddo

For some of us, stylish clothes and accessories are just vain idols of our materialistic fashion industry. Um, duh. Of course they are. And, with a little twist of life enhancing benefits. We all love fashion and style. There are many, though, that tend to relegate our industry of beautiful things as just merely, "stuff". And in essence, it is stuff. But our dear friend Miranda Priestly, would abhorrently disagree. The [fictional?] fashion queen has beautifully said that this thing we call 'stuff' only came to be because of the beautiful fashion styles from designer collection upon collection, which would eventually trickle down to the casual corners of the world through mass production. So thank goodness for innovative designers like DVF, Ralph Lauren, and Marc Jacobs for their amazing creations leading to our beautiful and joyful bounty of stuff. Ah that stuff. It brings us such sweet joy. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel appreciated. And not because we try to be stylish and fashionable. But, it's when we become that fashion and style, our lives pour over with happiness. It's Bella Moda (Italian, pronounced Bel-la Mo-da): that beautiful fashion of yours. That individual unique style and fashion. It is when we step into that and live like the fashion deities that we all are, then we experience that life changing and enhancing bliss. But how does this happen? When does this happen? Well, in all honesty it's not something you're taught, but it's something you just kinda figure out: like most things in this wonderful world.

I always tend to compare individual fashion and style to our sexual levels of experience. These are not good or bad categories. They just represent where we are: fashionably of course. We've all been through these phases. And many of us are currently in a particular phase: most probably with no intention of moving from one phase to another. Usually those that are extremely comfortable and happy with their style and sense of fashion are the same ones that are usually comfortable and happy with their life (hopefully). Yes, I know, it's one of those new-agey / inspirational references, but it's true. Happy style, happy life. A nice purse and new shoes in tote, it's like attaining nirvana. Wearing brand new perfectly styled EVERYTHING, it makes you feel on top of the world. It TOTALLY makes sense. However, if you have the slightest curiosity about what it's like to move from one phase of style to another, follow along. If you have a mild curiosity to find a style that makes you even happier than ever before, then yes, please do follow along.

The Virgin (aka Clueless)
GQ / Eric Ray Davidson
They come in about two forms. One type of virgin legitimately does not care about fashion and style. They wear whatever is clean and in good form in the closet. Almost never (or on rare occasion) do they prioritize looks and outfits based on looking good for outings and events: Um. Yea. Snooze-ville. The other virgin wants to break into the swag of it all and just doesn't know how to go about it. They find fashionable clothes daunting: either because they don't think they would look good in particular things or because they don't know how to wear it. They will buy some cool pieces from time to time, but it's based on their already preconceived notion of fashion. They are not too willing to break in and try new things without a little guidance and encouragement. It's kind of like someone trying out the whole "healthy food" thing for the first time. What should I eat? How should I eat it? They have no clue. I mean don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with khakis, loafers, a button up and a little vest. But after a while, you got to break away from what your parents taught you about fashion (because they're clueless, let's be honest). However, some are okay with that: nothing wrong with it. Hence, we have una vergine. The main point here is this: some virgins save themselves for marriage or the right partner. Some are eager to get out there and experience the world with their loins. They accept that their sense of fashion and style maybe a bit inexperienced and limited. And it's a good thing, and it prevents them from making those "all too often" stylish mishaps and fashionable no-no's: poor taste, bad matches, too much pink and over the top art-deco prints, the whole mess.  But if you're ready to move on, then follow us to the next. Because it's all about what makes you feel good.

The  Discoverer
Instagram of Stella Maxwell
She's a bit away from being a virgin. But she's no queen of promiscuity: a far cry from it in all actuality. She takes her experiences as she sees fit. As she feels the rising sense of love, intimacy, and romance, her bra gets lost. Or in this case, she ventures off for different types of bras and intimate apparel on a whole. And all because it empowers her entire outfit for the day. The discoverer pieces together various items and key pieces she's acquired over the years. One day it's Dior. Another day it's Ralph Lauren. One day it's vintage and H&M, another day it's an unheard of couture designer from Paris and Y-3. And you know what? She looks good, and she knows it because she's gotten sweet praise from all the boys and all her girls about how amazing she looks on a day-to-day basis. You won't catch her in yoga pants outside of, well, yoga. She doesn't follow trends, and at the same time she LOVES a good trend. She mixes and matches all brands and seasonal looks perfectly. And this is mainly because she's spent enough time putting dog-ears in all of our favorite fashion mags from WWD to Vogue, and learning from the style deities that have come before her. She never settles with one style or one brand. She's just not ready to settle down and be loyal yet: there's too much to buy and experience. There's too much to touch. Too much to play with, and much more to try on. And all because the path of discovery brings her sweet joy. 

The Dedicated Lover
Instagram of Lily Aldridge
She has either been through it all or she has been waiting for this moment all her life. Regardless, her life has led her to this very moment in which she can dedicate and give all of her time, energy and love to one person, one look, one lifestyle. She doesn't feel the need to play around and experiment as much anymore (or ever). This dedicated lover really and truly owns her look. From her hairstyle to the brand of her clothes, to her bras and underwear, and even to that pout-stimulating red lipstick, she lives and breathes everything about her style: and it makes her so happy, and leaves her feeling quite titillated and very settled. She has stepped into this expression of herself and has become everything about her style in all that she does, from working at a desk to working out at the gym. Whether it's head-to-toe Chanel, vintage pieces with pops of opulence, or a pair of converse with Levi's Jeans and Rebecca Minkoff accessories, she loves what she wears, loves what she buys and needs no convincing about switching things up to keep it interesting. And honestly, maybe she's not about that life of rocking any of the big luxurious brands. Because whatever it is she throws on, she doesn't need approval or a cheerleading friend to satisfy her own love of her own style. She loves her style. She loves her fashionable direction. And more than likely, she loves herself (yea, another inspirational reference). She's quite comfortable with who she is in and out of the clothes: in and out of the 'stuff'. Therefore, she's dedicated to feeling good, living good, and enjoying these precious moments of life. So when she finds that select lot of 'stuff' and things that allow her to feel that sweet goodness in life, the world is hers to own and conquer.

That's Bella Moda. That's beautiful fashion.
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