Sunday, December 13, 2015


By Dominick H.
Superfood Sunday is a weekly series where project: CLEAN FOOD features the absolute best foods to nourish – and naturally heal – your body.  To help you start each week right, we reveal the one must-have food to add to your diet. Enjoy, and share your inspiration with us by tagging #projectCLEANFOOD on Instagram.

Ah, the Turkish fig. Nature's candy. Turkish figs are some of the most delicious and healthy fruits available. If you once loved pre-packed "fig newtons" when you were a kid, your love can once again be rekindled by enjoying the wholesome goodness of a fresh and tasty fig from our dear Mother Earth's garden! This week we're celebrating that rare combination of an indulgence that's actually good for you. So read on and challenge yourself to try some figs this week.

Turkish figs are filled with potassium, fiber, calcium, iron, copper and magnesium. They also have quite a few enzymes: in particular, digestive enzymes. Because of their powerful effect on the digestive system, they can stimulate healthy bowel movements (insert poop emoji here). Turkish figs are also quite sweet, which is what makes them feel indulgent to eat. The balanced sugar content can level off any sort of sugar imbalances in the body. So if you're struggling with a sugar addicition, turkish figs can act as a great replacement for all you sweet tooth peeps out there. Figs can also pacify hunger. If someone is having some difficulty with weight management, just a few turkish figs can make you feel full. That full feeling is coming from the high doses of nutritious fiber content deeply imbedded in the fig itself. So by consuming a few of these and a tall glass of room temperature water can definitely act as a meal replacer, and eventually help in bringing your body weight to a balanced and healthy state. Turkish figs are a great little food to use when you are coming off of a fast as well. Just a couple turkish figs on a really empty stomach will activate digestion and purify the body of any old bacteria or impurities. Dopeness.

You can eat them just as they are purchased or prepare them in a few other ways: in a smoothie, as a fig paste, in oatmeal or in yogurt. There are tons of great places to buy figs. When purchasing them, make sure they are bought from a store that has a high turnover on such products. Also, make sure that the figs are organic. Because of the sweet content, figs are susceptible to attracting lots of small fruit flies and other pests. A really good health food store or market will usually go out of their way to ensure proper storage of the figs.

So, this week, project: CLEAN FOOD challenges you to  add some Turkish figs into your diet. They are definitely a nice healthy treat. I'm sure you'll thank us eventually.
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