Friday, December 11, 2015


By Dominick H.

It's December – and you know what that means. Winter is coming. As of lately, the temperature has been somewhat erratic, running the gamut between cold to much warmer than usual. And while this has both positive and negative effects on everyone, we have a natural tendency to be dominated by the weather with regard to our eating habits. In essence, our diets can also tend to be a tad bit flighty and erratic – lacking a good foundation. So, while we may be enjoying 60ยบ in New York today, let's not forget that colder temperatures will soon be upon us. And you want to warm your body up, don't you?

During this time of year, we tend to vary in appetite so much as a means to keep our bodies happy: because, of course, we want to feel good. However, happy in the body does not always entail eating what is appealing to the palate. We need to eat what is good for us. And eating what is good for us vs. what actually tastes good does not always run along the same lines. Make sense? Basically, you may have to chalk up your taste buds and sacrifice that super yummy meal in order to keep your body functioning correctly. I know: it's tough. However, it's what we need at times. So hang in there. And it always helps to spice things up a bit with new recipes and meal plans!

So here are a few good strong options to keep you grounded during the ups and downs of the winter season! And, bonus, we've got a few great recipes to try.

Stewed Eggplant
Eggplant is not only very filling, but it also nourishes the body perfectly with lots of fiber: a winter time essential!

Boiled or baked Sweet Potatoes
Bet you didn't know they were packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber, protein and iron. It is also filled with tons of digestive enzymes. And as a result, the guys are a great food for anyone at any time of the year. Word. \ 

Hummus Yea, hummus is pretty healthy. But it's SO awesome (and yummy), and great to have anytime of the year. 'Nuff said. We have a pretty good one you can find here.

Curried foods
These sorts of foods are great for improving the quality of your digestion and functionality of your vital organs (liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc.) on all levels. In fact, we just crowned it a superfood. Funny right?

Mildly spiced foods
Spicy foods are good for stimulating heat in the body. So, it will help keep ya warm! Not bad, aye?

I eat one, pretty much, everyday: regardless of season. I love them. Besides, your body will thank you this winter season from all the fiber, vitamin C and Vitamin B that avocados provide!

Sometimes regarded as a heavy food. But, if done in moderation, it can be very beneficial to keeping the body energetic throughout the entire winter chill. I'm sure your body will love all those bountiful doses of Omega 3's and protein!

Boiled or Fried Plantains
Tons of benefits here. But I will simplify it like this: they help you get to the toilet easier. Yes, I went there.

Probably one of the healthiest grains available! And its great for filling you up without weighing you down, in that yucky way! 

Any Steamed Veggies Raw veggies are usually the best! But, for some people during the colder months, eating lots of raw greens may have you feeling cold and frigid all the time. SO, give them a little love and steam them!

Of course, these are just some fun ideas! Nothing is set in stone here. Use this as a springboard to help you leap into making the correct meal choices for the remainder of this topsy-turvy winter season.

Have fun and stay warm!

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