Sunday, November 15, 2015


By Dominick H.

Superfood Sunday is a weekly series where project: CLEAN FOOD features the absolute best foods to nourish – and naturally heal – your body.  To help you start each week right, we reveal the one must-have food to add to your diet. Enjoy, and share your inspiration with us by tagging #projectCLEANFOOD on Instagram. 

Ah, blackberries. This amazing fruit is well-known as a superfood around the world. Not only is it super-nutritious, but it's also filled with so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that peg it up as a healing food. So how can it benefit you?

Fresh from the vine. #Yum
This little superfruit is packed with protein, iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, folate, vitamin C (oh yes), beta-carotene, vitamin E and a ton of enzymes! The amount of antioxidants and other vital minerals in this little fruit are too many to count. By consuming blackberries, the whole immune system can experience a rise in strength: thereby paving the way for the blood to become strong and pure. And when the blood is strong and pure, the body is less susceptible to ailments and impurities such as skin irritations: like acne, exczema, psoriasis, or any other sort of skin impurity.

When blackberries are consumed often, it's less likely for the body to have run-ins with various illnesses, like cancer and heart disease. They have also been known to significantly reduce tumors in the body. The natural sweetness of this fruit (in addition to the protein content) helps to increase the ability for the brain to function effectively and, eventually, on higher levels of awareness. You can use your imagination from here.

So what are some ways to add them to your diet, especially if you don't eat them often? 

So much blackberry inspiration!
Besides eating them straight out of the container (which is amazing BTW), you can pop some into a fruit salad or cereal, eat them as a freshly made jam to spread on spelt-grain toast, mixed with dark leafy greens (such as spinach), or even as part of a smoothie.

We would not suggest buying them frozen: as blackberries are an extremely sensitive fruit. And, when you eat fruits that are frozen, the fruits become subject to freezer burn, thereby causing them to lose many of their nutrients. The liquid (nectar) inside of the blackberry that carries all of the nutrients is 99% water-based. So when you freeze them, the liquid is frozen and then has the potential to leak right out of the blackberry upon thawing them out. 

So buy them organic when possible. They are definitely in season in many parts of the world. You may be able to get them locally right now.  Dig in!
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