Thursday, September 19, 2013


When we break through the womb of the mother and penetrate into this earthly existence, we are born absolutely perfect. All of our bodies come in different shapes, sizes, and colors at birth. Both nature and nurture play a major role in the configuration of our body types. So technically, it is not entirely possible for us to look exactly like another child from another womb: this is truly divine perfection in manifestation. But because of all the possibilities and tendencies leading up to our birth, our bodies are subject to a variety of circumstances that can affect us and how we live in the world. That affect is neither positive or negative, it just is. Positive and negative is only relevant to the environment and immediate surroundings. So what may be good here, may be bad elsewhere: and vice versa.

Certain body types will be more adaptable and malleable (and even favorable) than others in a gamut of societal and environmental surroundings: unfortunate, but true. So in more aggressive and innovative societies (particularly in Western Civilization), survival of the fittest is essential to our growth and expansion. So we have a choice; we always have a choice. And today, we can choose to mold ourselves to that perfect body we wish for. We have forgotten that our bodies are already perfect. So in order to remember that we are innately perfect, we must strive with great effort to attain that perfect and beautiful body again in order to help us to feel good, look good, and be better individuals in society across the board.

So what do we need to do? How do we mold ourselves?

Simple! Just start! Start today!

Start as small as taking a bite of one little raspberry. Start by having a little more greens today than you did yesterday. Start by eating a little bit less than you did yesterday. Start by working out a little bit more than you did yesterday. Start by being a little bit more motivated than yesterday. Reach out and go for what you want!

Still sound complicated?

Start by writing down your goals for attaining that healthier lifestyle. Start by thinking about your goals for attaining that healthier lifestyle. Start by talking to people that are already living that healthy lifestyle. Start by asking questions and doing research.

Too busy to start? Too many responsibilities on your plate?

Well, then it's time to be honest with yourself. If you want more of something, you have to prioritize it more. If you want better health, you have to prioritize your health more than anything else. If you want to lose weight or get physically fit and toned, you have to prioritize those goals more than anything else. If you want to be healthier during seasonal changes throughout the year, you have to prioritize your eating habits more than anything else.

Basically what I am saying to you is this: If you want to create that perfect body and live that healthy lifestyle you have to Shift Your Priorities!  AND BIG TIME!

So here are three things you can do today to get started. Are you ready?

And here they are:

1. Get a piece of paper and write down some goals to help you get that amazing body

2. Eat a little more fruits or vegetables than you did yesterday: maybe just one little bite

3. Exercise a litte more than you did yesterday. And if you don't exercise at all, start with one simple exercise with a few repetitions (a few pushups, a few sit-ups, or a walk around your block, a light jog in the neighborhood for a few minutes, maybe some jumping jacks, maybe some gentle stretching.

Do Any Exercise! Just get started!

In that very moment you start to let go of all the old patterns and excuses, you make way for a new and energetic way of experiencing the world. Cleanse out the old and make way for a fresh, new attitude today!

Whatever it is you are feeling, you can change it. Change starts with your attitude and your approach to life. Diets and workout programs help. Friends and family can help. Books and other media sources can help. project: Clean Food can help. But it is you that must do the work. Whatever it is you believe in your mind, it is true.


Get To Work...
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