Thursday, September 5, 2013


It seems at times that making diet changes are quite hard. It can seem impossible and a complete waste of time. We tend to look at all the things that "need" to happen in order for us to have that healthier lifestyle, and we just want to give up. It can feel daunting and overwhelming. However, that is very far from the truth. It is only challenging because we have told ourselves that it is challenging. 

We have told ourselves that making changes are impossible. We have told ourselves that eating healthy does not resonate with the cultural upbringing. And in actuality, these are just things we believe in our own mind. We have told ourselves these things for so long that we now live and breathe by these old beliefs.  And unfortunately, old beliefs will always keep us in the same place: stagnating our own potential growth. Because whatever it is we believe in our own mind, it becomes our truth. So if we believe that we are indeed incapable of living a healthier life, then we are! If we believe that we are not good at something, then we won't be good at it. Each and every day, we are continually sewing and reaping the fruits of our own thoughts and beliefs: but that can change, and it can always change! 

Today is the day to change our beliefs just a little bit; today is the day we start to create a healthier lifestyle for ourselves!

So here are three easy little tips to help you start cultivating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, as well as for your family and friends:


You can buy fruits, vegetables and other healthy goods at any market. However, it is important that we really love and enjoy the market where we shop. The market should be clean. The market should always have fresh and up-to-date goods and produce. Think of the market as an expression of your own existence: as a part of your life. If you shop at a market that has high-quality standards with their goods, produce, as well as high standards with the internal hygiene of the establishment, maybe a part of you connects to that experience because that market represents a part of you. We always want to choose an experience that best connects to our lifestyle. And if we shop at healthy places, we're probably going to buy healthy goods. And if we buy healthy goods, we'll probably have a healthier lifestyle. It's a domino effect. So make sure you are creating the best experience that helps you to enhance your healthy living lifestyle.


Can you have at least one or two pieces of fruit everyday? Can you have a nice green salad everyday? Can you drink a smoothie or a nice vegetable juice at least once a day? Of course you can! It may have been hard to do these things in the past, but today is a new day! But we have to remember that simplicity is the gateway to mastery. If we want to do things in a big way, we have to start small and simple. Try to have a nice fruit salad with bananas, berries, kiwi and maybe add in some yogurt and granola. Maybe have a nice mixed green salad with all your favorite add-ins (but in moderation). Maybe have a nice and delicious smoothie or green juice first thing in the morning on your way to work. I'm not asking for major; I'm asking for minor. Be an inspiration for your family and friends. Be an inspiration to yourself. Besides, everyone wants to have a healthy body and healthy mind. So let's start cultivating that vibration in this small and easy way!


It is indeed true that we can be greatly influenced by the people and the environment around us. Whomever we surround ourselves with, we become. We are the product of our environment. We are the product of the people that we most associate with: friends and family included. Do you see yourself more or less like your family? Do you see yourself more or less like your friends? Do you see yourself more or less like your co-workers? Do you see yourself more or less like the people that live in and around you? The answers to these questions will tell us, not only what we want to hear, but also what we don't want to hear. These are things to just take notice to and observe: because we must carefully observe our surroundings. They are a complete and exact mirror reflection of ourselves. So if you want to live a healthier life, surround yourself around healthier people. If you want to exercise more, surround yourself around people that exercise more. If you want to eat more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, go to places and meet people that are already embracing this lifestyle. The people and the environment around us can influence us negatively or positively. So, it is up to us, as free and liberated humans, to exercise our beautiful powers of creation. We have to create the life that we wish to see. We have to be that change.

Are you ready to create change today? Are you ready to embrace the creative power pervading the entire universe that is ready to assist you in creating your
Awakened Healthy Lifestyle? 

Of course you are!

Today is the day to ask for divine assistance in recreating our lives. Today is the day to make that change towards a healthier, and a more abundantly awakened lifestyle...

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